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Product designer

Leewan commented on Articulated Hand V3 - full set by Leewan
October 21, 2018
Articulated Hand V3 - full set
Leewan @Vendreco It's up to you. The set contains parts to make two hands with five fingers each, but you can give them four if you prefer.
Leewan @fbef549 Sure, there you go.
Leewan @btfab2003 Oh, it's printed with the parts, everything is made at the same time, layer by layer.
Leewan @btfab2003 What do you mean ? What do you want to close ?
Leewan @btfab2003 Haha, "potato case thing". The official name is sintershell, but yours works too. ;) Thanks for your reply, if anyone wants to paint parts, I'll tell them to try with a sharpie, then.
Leewan @btfab2003 Good to know ! It looks like they're (partially ?) painted, did you encounter any issue with the process ?
Leewan @Chronix Some very small changes have been made since then, but you can see them here :
Leewan Update ! I've added holes in the sides of the ballcups to make the assembly of the fingers easier.
Leewan @Jakfan1 Someone recently told me of similar issues. Therefore, I've updated the model with reduced balljoint diameter for the finger parts.
Leewan commented on Articulated hand piece with cross axle by Leewan
October 20, 2018
Articulated hand piece with cross axle
Leewan @voxumo Alright, thanks. Fixed this.
Leewan @mechking4511 I don't see why it would not be possible, but without the fingers this part alone would be of no use.
Leewan @BlackBoltJohnson Oh, that's great ! Thanks for sharing the photo. (:
Leewan @Boneless_Spaghetti21Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. If the bars are too big and the axle hole too tight, using a small hobby file to remove the extra material should work.
Leewan @mechking4511I think I see. I don't think I can move them closer to the socket, but angling them should be feasible.
Leewan @k_heich The diameter is 10.2mm, why ?
Leewan @aatkaw If you want to paint it, S&F is the best option, check this tutorial : ;)
Leewan @toaofstuff With the horizontal bars, like the hands of the set 31034.
Leewan @valkinthewarden Well, it depends on what you will do with them. I doubt they will, as long as you simply use them as hands, and not as, let's say bottle openers, but I can't give you a 100% guarantee it will never ever break.
Leewan @valkinthewarden What do you mean by "durable" ?
Leewan commented on Articulated Mata body - hips by Leewan
September 22, 2018
Articulated Mata body - hips
Leewan @violinist5683 You're welcome. I f you have any issue or question, don't hesitate !
Leewan @violinist5683 They're Lego parts (ref. 22484 and 6628), you can find them on bricklink, or on Lego Customer Service page, or in sets.
Leewan @Ironclaw3000 I don't think there's any risk. @btfab2003 used a sharpie on his articulated hands (, so perhaps he could tell you if there's any "side effect" for the parts. (:
Leewan @Ironclaw3000 If an axle doesn't fit, you can use a small hobby file to make the hole a bit bigger.
Leewan commented on Articulated hand - Main Part by Leewan
September 21, 2018
Articulated hand - Main Part
Leewan @nmielak Oh, third option : you buy the parts in White Processed Versatile Plastic, and then you dye it yourself in black. It's certainly the cheapest solution.
Leewan @nmielak No. For some reason, Black Processed Versatile Plastic isn't available. You can either order in Black Natural Versatile Plastic and polish the parts yourself, or order in Black Premium Versatile Plastic ( ) and get a much better finish, but it's much more expensive.
Leewan @loermansw Removed them since I updated the whole hands, which now work with a balljoint system : I kept these parts, as well as the thumb attachment, since they can be used with existing Lego parts, and are a less expensive alternative.
Leewan @fbda65d Sure, order it in white and paint it the colour you want when you receive it.
Leewan commented on Articulated Torso - Upper Part by Leewan
August 15, 2018
Articulated Torso - Upper Part
Leewan @nmielak My mistake. These products are private, only I can see the product pages for the armours. They're not available to the public because they have several flaws that I haven't fixed yet. I'll just remove the links for now.
Leewan commented on Y joint with crossaxle by Leewan
August 4, 2018
Y joint with crossaxle
Leewan @btfab2003 Okay, here's the version with a pin : And the version with a balljoint :
Leewan @btfab2003 The version with a balljoint kinda already exists, it's the part 90612. A version with a pin could be feasible, but I'm not sure I could model it accurately. Will give it a try in the next few days. (:
Leewan @xXBKARXx But why would I recreate a part that already exists ?
Leewan @Fusionx963 No, which is why I made it. ;)
Check out this cool product! - Y joint with pin
Your regular 3M bone, now with extra connection points - 3M bone with crossholes
Leewan commented on Articulated Mata body - upper torso by Leewan
June 21, 2018
Articulated Mata body - upper torso
Leewan @Ironclaw3000 Oh so the axle for the gear function remains straight despite the Technic #2 connector not going all the way down ? It's a good news. At first I feared you were talking about the waist articulation, and you were saying the wires that hold the disks didn't bend, which would be a very bad news.
Leewan @Ironclaw3000 What do you mean by "nothing bends" ? The axles holes being too tight or too loose (on the upper torso or the hips) is due to printing orientation and tolerances, so unfortunately, there's not much I can do about that. Thanks for your feedback, though !
Mask Adapter - Round Hole (no ejection feature)
Leewan @swordslinger133 It does work with Metru masks. If you don't want the ejection feature, you can just get a Brain Attack head.
Leewan @swordslinger133 I once made a prototype, but never finished it :
Mask Adapter - Round Hole (with ejection feature)
Leewan @swordslinger133 In this case you can get the variant without the ejection feature (
Leewan @swordslinger133 But it would be linked to the eyes / brain piece, so the ejection feature wouldn't work anymore. It could be done with the non-ejectable variant, though.
Leewan @fb61d4d You may sand the sides if needed, but I prefer it that way, especially compared to the first version that was a bit loose. ;)
Leewan @Chirthorpe No, because of the width of the parts involved.
Leewan @AVSManfred They don't, they're too wide for the G2 heads.
Leewan @adriu17 Not this one, but I'm working on a way to solve this. ;)
Leewan favorited Articulated Mata leg by Leewan
September 10, 2017
Leewan commented on Articulated Mata leg by Leewan
August 20, 2017
Articulated Mata leg
Leewan @xXBKARXx I don't know. I think I'll eventually do them, but not in the near future.
You're a Toa Mata and your Khaleesi threatens to burn you if you don't bend the knee ? Save your life, get new legs. Articulated Mata leg
Leewan commented on Connector with round holes by Leewan
August 3, 2017
Connector with round holes
Leewan @jordandcrawford I don't know how strong High Definition Acrylate is, I'm afraid parts made of this material would break.
A new part is available : the connector with round holes ! Connector with round holes
The 2x2 Mixel ballcup is now available ! 2x2 plate with ballcup
Leewan commented on 7M bone with three balljoints by Leewan
April 26, 2017
7M bone with three balljoints
Leewan @phillippbor I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean at all. :/
Now the small hand comes with five fingers : Articulated hand - five short fingers
Leewan commented on Sci-fi armor add-on by Leewan
November 20, 2016
Sci-fi armor add-on
Leewan @bsimp14 Nope, your best option here would be to get a plain white part and paint it afterwards.
A new add-on is available ! And there's more to come in the future ! - Sci-fi armor add-on
Check out this cool product! - Articulated hand piece with cross axle


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