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Articulated hand (long fingers) - set of two
Leewan @Makuta_Trixaan O.O I never heard of something like that. Did you ask Shapeways for a refund ? I know price can be an issue, and grouping all the parts in a sintershell was in fact a way to lower handling fees. But I think I have a solution. ;)
Leewan @Makuta_Trixaan I've been told about a similar issue once, but it was just some extra material in the hole, it wasn't completely filled. Could you take a picture ? Anyway, I think I'll stop selling the hands as a single product, and separate the fingers from the main parts. Thus, the sintershell won't cause any more issues, and people will be able to choose the main part variant they want.
Leewan @Xenock I don't know if it can be printed in Acrylate, because of the sintershell. I'll have a look. ;)
Leewan @fbda65d Of course. But is it a problem ? ;) I chose to simplify things because I wanted a clean design. I wanted to use as little different parts as possible, and reuse them whenever I could. Because of that, each finger is the same, and there are only two different parts used for the fingers : the tip, and the middle segment, which respectively come eight and sixteen times in this set. It also makes the assembly easier for the user. You can't go wrong, you can't use a specific part instead of another, since the fingers are the same.
Leewan @loermansw Okay. I'll see what I can do.
Leewan @loermansw It depends on the guy's printer. If it's a FDM printer, it might be not precise enough, and the hands won't be usable at all.
Leewan @kik1432442 I fear it won't be precise enough. :/ Have you asked about the printability of small pieces ?
Leewan @kik1432442 Okay, I see. I think you should show them a picture of the model, and give them the size of the parts, to see if they can print them. The smallest one is less than 1cm long.
Leewan @kik1432442 Okay, I see. What kind of printer do you have ? I'm asking because these parts are very precise, and if you try to print them with a FDM machine, you may not be able to use them at all.
Leewan @kik1432442 What for ?
Leewan commented on Articulated hand piece with cross axle by Leewan
February 9, 2017
Articulated hand piece with cross axle
Leewan @aatkaw If you want to paint it, S&F is the best option, check this tutorial : https://www.shapeways.com/tutorials/painting3dprintedsls ;)
Leewan @toaofstuff With the horizontal bars, like the hands of the set 31034.
Leewan @valkinthewarden Well, it depends on what you will do with them. I doubt they will, as long as you simply use them as hands, and not as, let's say bottle openers, but I can't give you a 100% guarantee it will never ever break.
Leewan @valkinthewarden What do you mean by "durable" ?
Leewan @valkinthewarden Sure ! All the parts with a 3.2mm clip should fit, whether they're claws or robot arms, or any other part.
Articulated hand (five long fingers) - set of two
Leewan @TTV_Eljay It's okay for me, as long as 1) you keep in mind that this product is still in development, and because of the precision involved, some errors still may occur (I mean, it's very different from moulded parts) and 2) you pronounce my pseudonym Lay-wan and not Li-wan.
Mask Adapter - Round Hole (with ejection feature)
Leewan @fb61d4d You may sand the sides if needed, but I prefer it that way, especially compared to the first version that was a bit loose. ;)
Leewan @Chirthorpe No, because of the width of the parts involved.
Leewan @AVSManfred They don't, they're too wide for the G2 heads.
Leewan @adriu17 Not this one, but I'm working on a way to solve this. ;)
Leewan commented on Articulated hand - Main Part by Leewan
December 10, 2016
Articulated hand - Main Part
Leewan @fbda65d Sure, order it in white and paint it the colour you want when you receive it.
Leewan commented on Articulated hand - set of two by Leewan
December 10, 2016
Articulated hand - set of two
Leewan @fbda65d There is a way, I could add some "stoppers" on each side, but I don't like this solutions. I want my parts to be as "Lego-like" as possible, and the hand is precisely two modules wide. If I add stoppers, the part will be "out of the system".
Leewan @fbda65d Have you seen parts made with this plastic ? FDM technology is not really the best option for parts as precise as those, and you may not be able to assemble your parts at all (and that is if you can get access to a printer and a spool of this material).
Leewan @fbda65d Here is it : http://shpws.me/N2FU
Leewan @fbda65d Yeah, that's possible. I'll try to do that this week-end.
Leewan @fbda65d You mean hands with five "short" fingers ?
Leewan @fbda65d Oh, that's olive green. You're lucky, I rendered the five long fingers version (http://shpws.me/Lhlf) in this colour, so although it's not exactly the same model, you'll have a better idea of how it looks like.
Leewan @fbda65d Here are the other colours. ;)
Leewan @fbda65d Thank you ! Be sure to give me some feedback when you get them. I had already rendered it in dark grey, see the attached picture. For the others colours (including trans-orange ;) ), that'll have to wait, rendering takes time.
Leewan @bionicleboy32 Not at all, actually it's here to lower the costs. The handling costs, precisely. There are more details about the sintershell here : https://www.shapeways.com/tutorials/design-for-low-cost-3d-printing-sls-nylon (:
Leewan @fbda65d The hand is rather wide (a tad wider than a regular hand), but if you have enough free space and you angle tha wrist properly, it's possible, yeah. However, due to the fingers being rather short, they don't fully wrap around the neck.
Leewan commented on Articulated hand - five short fingers by Leewan
December 4, 2016
Articulated hand - five short fingers
Leewan @fbda65d Merged mask of time ? You should have waited a bit, my version is almost finished. ;)
Now the small hand comes with five fingers : http://shpws.me/N2FT Articulated hand - five short fingers
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November 20, 2016
Sci-fi armor add-on
Leewan @bsimp14 Nope, your best option here would be to get a plain white part and paint it afterwards.
Leewan commented on Articulated torso - upper armor by Leewan
November 13, 2016
Articulated torso - upper armor
Leewan @meyers_bs The plastic was too thin, and the ball socket too loose. I made it unavailable to the public until I fix these issues.
Leewan @nathancorley94 What do you mean by "firmer and smoother plastic" ? And what is that rubbery feel you're talking about ?
Leewan @Karios Well, if I have to make an armor with Okotoan letters on it, I'd rather create a brand new part than modify a #5 shell. It's more interesting. ;)
Leewan @Karios No, first of all because the lack of detail don't bother me, so I don't feel the need for more detailed shells, and because you can already get more detailed shapes with printing and add-ons.
Leewan commented on Y joint with crossaxle by Leewan
September 22, 2016
Y joint with crossaxle
Leewan @xXBKARXx But why would I recreate a part that already exists ?
Leewan @Fusionx963 No, which is why I made it. ;)
A new add-on is available ! And there's more to come in the future ! - http://shpws.me/MCgh Sci-fi armor add-on
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/MwgF Articulated hand piece with cross axle
Mask Adapter - Round Hole (no ejection feature)
Leewan @fb54b9b As you can see in the description, I've made one. However, with this solution, the masks are too far away from the "face" of the head, so I chose to release an adapter that works with the 01-03 heads only. I'm currently working on a new kind of head that would include the ejection feature and work with the 01-03 masks and the 04-08 masks as well.
Leewan @Dimensioner Metallic plastic and strong and flexible plastic are both made with nylon / polyamide. However (I'm quoting the materials page here), "Metallic Plastic is Nylon Plastic filled with Aluminum dust. This dust gives Metallic Plastic the sparkle, but also makes the material more brittle than the Strong & Flexible material." I've never tried metallic plastic, so I con't know how much more brittle is it compared to classic S&F plastic. On the first version, the two sides could be bent to the point they touch each other, without breaking. The first version was a bit loose, so I've made the sides closer and thicker, they should fit more tightly on the head.
Leewan commented on Towball Female Crossaxle 5 Piece Set by efferman
March 30, 2016
Towball Female Crossaxle 5 Piece Set
Leewan @efferman Well, if it only "needs some movement on a male towball to loose some of its friction", it won't be much useful as a Mixel joint. I was considering getting a bunch of these to make small articulations, but I need them to be able to hold a certain position. (:
Leewan @tripletschiee Thank you. So I couldn't use these parts as a Mixel joint with a cross axle ?
Leewan @tripletschiee @efferman Are they loose or do they have friction ?
Leewan commented on Articulated torso - lower armor by Leewan
January 1, 2016
Articulated torso - lower armor
Leewan @Josephc123 I don't know, I've never tried metallic plastic.
Leewan commented on Articulated Torso - Upper Part by Leewan
September 5, 2015
Articulated Torso - Upper Part
Leewan @Karios And here's the lower armor : http://shpws.me/JY1T I'm working on a pack, but given the size of the parts, I don't think it's gonna be cheaper than buying them separately.
Leewan @Karios Next week, hopefully. The upper armor is already ready (http://shpws.me/JFPA), but I still have to work on the lower armor. When it's done, I think I will put them in a pack, yes. (:
Leewan commented on Mata Test Body by PocketWizardJP
September 5, 2015
Mata Test Body
Leewan @PocketWizardJP Cool concept. Have you printed it yet ?


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