Leander Duesterloh


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer
Technical drafting became a passion of my life that I don't only live at work, but also in my private life.

New improved cost efficient version of the famous jet engine cufflinks have been made! This model: General Electric GEnx inspired turbine.
http://shpws.me/QEvY Turbine Type 1: GEnx inspired silver Cufflinks
Airbus A400M engine EARRINGS! - http://shpws.me/PnoG TP400 turboprop A400M engine earrings
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/MOVD
Highly detailed and lovely forklift cufflinks for the fan of warehouse logistics and industrial trucks are ready for order in rhodium plated brass! Forklift Cufflinks
Hello friends, I added new cufflinks for civil engineers and architects.
These steel beam pieces can be personalized by entering 2 initials during order proces.
The fixed closure mechanism also features a new and fitting triangular truss design. Steel Beam Cufflinks
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/MDvG
As anounced yesterday, the V6 Engine Block ring followed the V4. V6 Engine Block Steel Ring 19 mm
Another ring is finished: the V4 engine ring made of steel. The trick: I hand sand many surfaces to give a true machined appearance.
http://shpws.me/MDdJ V4 Engine Block Steel Ring 19 mm
NEW unmatched unique multi part jewelry: race brake with movable disk and caliper: http://shpws.me/MBGQ

This product represents a miniature model of a race brake. Unlike normal jewelry, the parts of this design are assembled with actual industrial hex key bolts to give it an authentic technical relevance and appearance.

Shown here as tie bar, although cufflinks and lapel pins can also be made.
Further customizable by altering the design of the brake caliper to your favorite car brand. Race Brake tie bar, cufflinks, lapel pin
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/MA3v
I reworked the jet engine ring to give it a smoother shape. It now flows like a real jet engine nacelle into the ring band.
The spinner cone features little bolt hole representations and the blades look old school turbine. Jet Engine Ring 19 mm
Leander commented on V8 ENGINE RING by bryson79
May 23, 2016
Leander Very good design!
Leander commented on V8 Crank Shaft Keychain by Leander
February 14, 2015
V8 Crank Shaft Keychain
Leander @Shaggamathula I just researched again concerning my second last line. I found that flatplane crankshafts can have smaller balance weights then crossplane cranks. I don't know about a comparision to inline engines, but my second last line in the first post might be wrong. In any way, as far as V8 is concerned, flatplane crankshafts exist in sports cars. Ferrari has some engines with that type. I cannot find the picture any more, that I used as base for the model. However I did not try to create a specific certain model of a crankshaft with this part.
Leander @Shaggamathula Thank you for your words! It is good to hear that you like it. As far as the engine is concerned, it could also be an inline 4 engine. However on a V engine, there are always two piston rods on one hub, next to each other so the cylinders aren't exactly opposite but slightly offset. So this can also be a V8. I think often times on inline engines, the balance weights or "cheeks" will be smaller or thinner, because one hub has only one piston. In any way thanks a lot.


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