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Wayne Losey


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker
Bot maker, guerrilla product developer, newbie modeler- Web: - Instragram: kidmechan0 - Twitter: @ModiBot_Mo

Glyos-compatible Adaptor Set for ModiBot
Kidmechano @ProfessorDire it’s closer to 6mm.
Human Exo-Skin Kit for ModiBot Mo figure
Kidmechano @jboy44 wait til you see what I release in Oct and Nov. not quite Xevoz, but I think you will be happy.
Kidmechano @Parasol I definitely plan to do one, but it’s not likely I will start designing it until after the summer. I think she’ll be a bigger challenge to keep her forms looking feminine and cover the skeleton underneath. Glad to hear you are interested. It helps me keep her toward the top of the list.
Kidmechano commented on ModiBot Mo Figure Frame by Kidmechano
September 3, 2018
ModiBot Mo Figure Frame
Kidmechano @agonzalezdesign okay. I’ll take a look.
Kidmechano @agonzalezdesign I could look at it, but the scale increase really pushes the cost up quickly because of how much material it uses. Contact me through Shapeways messaging to discuss.
Kidmechano @D0ggyDj it does affect the assembly slightly. The 1:12 pieces are a little harder to assemble, but not much.
New in the shop! - ExoSkin Boot Set for ModiBot - Boots with tactical styling. - ExoSkin Boot Set for ModiBot
New! Battle Axe Hand Set for ModiBot- Double-down with the chop-chop! Fits nicely into any ModiBot ball socket. - Battle Axe Hand Set for ModiBot
New release! - Mannikin Head for ModiBot- Just a hint of life inside - Mannikin Head for ModiBot
New release! - Character? Head for ModiBot- The eyes are the windows of the soul. Head with suggestion of nose, brow and eyes - Character Head for ModiBot
New release! - Machine Head for ModiBot- Better than the rest. Cycloptic head with chiseled cheekbones - Machine Head for ModiBot
New from ModiBot! - Robo Head for ModiBot- Friendly robo head with eye ports and mouth slit- Robo Head for ModiBot
New from ModiBot! - Gazer Head for ModiBot- Head with eye ports - Gazer Head for ModiBot
New from ModiBot! - Stormbreaker War Hammer for ModiBot- Bang some heads with this mighty orc pummeler. 4mm grip. Comes with an adaptor to use as a replacement hand/hammer fist - Stormbreaker War Hammer for ModiBot
New from ModiBot! - Hoofed Leg Upgrade for ModiBot- Hoof and reverse knee joint for ModiBot creature customs.- Hoofed Leg Upgrade for ModiBot
New from ModiBot! - Mechanoid BioBorg Grappler Arm (Left) for ModiBot- A cyber upgrade for your ModiBot custom builds, with highly-articulated gripper hand. This is a replacement for the LEFT arm. - Mechanoid BioBorg Grappler Arm (Left) for ModiBot
New from ModiBot! - Venture C-clip Backpack for ModiBot Mo- Print the versatile Venture backpack in a variety of vibrant colors- Venture C-clip Backpack for ModiBot Mo
New from ModiBot! - Mechanoid Booster Upgrade Set- Atomic power packs for your ModiBot mechanoids and cyber gear - Mechanoid Booster Upgrade Set for ModiBot
New from ModiBot! - 2 Hoof Set for ModiBot - 2 Hoof Set for ModiBot
New from ModiBot- Tread Soles Set for ModiBot ExoSkin- Tread Soles Set for ModiBot ExoSkin
New from ModiBot! - ExoSkin Utility Belt Hip Upgrade for ModiBot Mo- ExoSkin Utility Belt Hip Upgrade for ModiBot Mo
Check out this cool product! Layered Shield for ModiBot- Layered Shield for ModiBot
Kidmechano commented on MegaMace Hand for ModiBot by Kidmechano
April 16, 2018
MegaMace Hand for ModiBot
Kidmechano @4ndrew4guirre sorry. I’ve been going through a lot of my files and this was one of the things i’ve Been wanting to make for a while. This and the war hammer with no spikes.
SpyBorg Accessory Kit for ModiBot
Kidmechano @ninban98 thanks, man. Hoping to get some new stuff up soon. Not enough time in the day :)
Kidmechano @ninban98 no it only comes with the parts shown in white. I will be framing these parts onto a sprue in the next week or so and they will be cheaper once I do it. You might want to wait for a better price.
Kidmechano favorited Unicorn by neurobota
February 24, 2018


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