22mm G-Shock GA-1000 NATO/ZULU adapters (set)
Keoni @Owprez Yes, I believe Shapeways does ship to the Philippines. :)
Keoni Hi @jlauwrence, yes, these adapters are designed to fit the GA-1000 without any further modifications. I believe Shapeways ships to Indonesia. :) Please let me know if they say otherwise. Cheers!
Keoni Hi @paramedicmarine, thanks for your question. I think that the 1824 may be the adapter that would fit your watch. The GA-1000 seems to have a different interface than your Protrek PRW5100. Cheers, Keoni
Keoni @vincent_santos11 Hi Vincent, thanks for your interest. It looks like your GW-A1100 has a similar interface as the GA-1000. But I'm not 100% certain about that. Could you measure the distance of the center lug after removing the strap? I do believe Shapeways ships to the Philippines. I also have a plastic injection molded version of this adapter. Please PM me for details. Cheers, Keoni.
Keoni @dpat1 Hi Dave, I've looked at the GW-3000 strap interface. And it appears to be different (wider) than this one. If you want, you can send me a PM and we can discuss how to make a new adapter design for your watch. Cheers, Keoni
Keoni @mohamed_tassem Hi Tassem, I'll send you an email soon.
Keoni @samuel_timotius89 Hi, for the new material, you'll need to order directly through me because it is produced using a different method. Please send me a private message and I will give you the details. Cheers, Keoni
Keoni @zjay74 Hi, I've replied to your PM.
Keoni commented on 1624 metal GShock NATO adapter by Keoni
April 30, 2017
1624 metal GShock NATO adapter
Keoni Hi @ferrarista, I just finished making changes to the design so that it meets the requirements for aluminum. I've also placed an order to see how they turn out. I will share it on the watchuseek forum when I get them. Cheers!
Keoni Hi @ferrarista, I am planning on trying out the aluminum material soon. But the requirements for the material are slightly different. So I need to figure out how to modify the adapter to work with the aluminum printing process. Thanks!
Keoni commented on Model 1622 G-Shock NATO/ZULU adapter by Keoni
January 3, 2017
Model 1622 G-Shock NATO/ZULU adapter
Keoni @teguh_zhang Hi, I will need to re-upload this file again to make it possible in other colors.
Keoni @newmanlhl I remember hearing about that. I think that's why I created the 1824.
Keoni @pauljchavez Hi Paul, I'm not certain if it will work. But if you measure the distance between the lugs, and if the distance is 16mm, then it might work. I would prefer seeing photos of the watch without the original bands attached so that I could get a better idea of how the band connects to the watch. So for now, I can't give a definitive answer. Also, if you're thinking to use paracord, I would recommend getting the metal version instead of the plastic ones. But first, please send me some photos of your watch without the bands attached. Cheers, Keoni
Keoni @firecracker If you order 1, you'll get a pair. Cheers.
Keoni @startacked Hi, the adapters are available in different color plastics again. Cheers.
Keoni @startacked Hi, Shapeways recently contacted me and asked me to remove the lettering on the model because it wasn't printing clearly in the plastic versions. So I'll be updating this design soon. Cheers.
Keoni @NGKGojira Yes, I believe the adapters fit the DW-6900. Cheers.
Keoni @fazerya The velcro band looks like it may be not as flexible as a typical NATO or even ZULU strap. But it may fit. The two main factors to consider are the width and the thickness of the strap. If the strap is more than 2mm thick, then the adapter may be more prone to breaking due to the additional stress put on certain areas of the adapter. You may want to consider a stronger material if you want to use the velcro band. You can PM me for details. Cheers.
Keoni @fazerya Thanks! If the space between the lugs is 16mm, then this should be able to work. Cheers.
Keoni @andyvic Could you send me a message with a photo of the watch with the strap removed? Cheers, Keoni
Keoni commented on Model 1624 G-Shock NATO/ZULU adapter by Keoni
August 29, 2016
Model 1624 G-Shock NATO/ZULU adapter
Keoni @ashleypettit72 Hi, the closest one would be either the 1622 or 1624. But, there appears to be a slight difference at the part where the adapters would connect to the watch. Also, I don't own the watch, so I can't confirm the width of the space between the lugs on your watch. Could you provide a measurement? Is it 16mm? Or if you could provide a high resolution image of the lug area on the watch, then I may be able to give you a better answer. Cheers, Keoni
Keoni @rosskale2 Hi, if I'm not mistaken, the GD 400 is one of Casio's newer designs. I remember that they added some sort of stabilizer bar on both sides of the strap. Due to the different design, I don't think that I currently have any designs that can fit the GD 400. Thanks
Keoni @newmanlhl Hi Newman, sorry I didn't have time to reply to your email request. But now that you posted here, I will just answer here. :) From what I recall, others have successfully used the 1624 or 1622 with the Mudman 9300. Please confirm that the space between the lugs is 16 mm. Cheers, Keoni
Keoni @vamikey Hi, Sorry to hear about that! I do not personally print any of the designs. Shapeways prints the products and ships it out to buyers. Please contact Shapeways customer service and let them know about the missing adapter. Make sure to include your order number and the photo you sent me. They will clear up the mistake and send you another pair. Thanks!
Keoni @vamikey I believe that the 1624 should fit your watch. Please confirm that the space between the lugs is 16 mm. Cheers.
Keoni @nboy32 Yes, I believe it does fit the Rangeman. Cheers
Keoni @dajiru, for the GA-1000, please go to this page
Keoni @eenhadji, as far as the material goes, I think it should be safe to paint. However, I am more concerned about the potential effects the clear coat paint would have on your skin even if the paint is dry. Please check the chemical contents of the paint to make sure that there is nothing that could cause a skin allergy before trying it. Cheers, Keoni
Keoni @eenhadji Yes it does! The 9200 Riseman was the reason I first started designing the adapters. :)
Keoni @Ronmalit Unfortunately, I can't confirm because I don't have the PRG-130. However, other users have had success installing the adapter in other Protrek models.I'd say the chances are pretty good. Sorry I can't give you a better answer.
Keoni commented on GShock GPW1000 NATO adapter (metal) by Keoni
August 9, 2016
GShock GPW1000 NATO adapter (metal)
Keoni @Munic1palJ3di, sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can get this in black plastic. If you are looking for black metal, the darkest metal they have is something called "matte black stainless steel". However, in my opinion, it looks more like dark grey.
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June 28, 2016
Keoni commented on Model 1824 G-Shock NATO/ZULU adapter by Keoni
April 6, 2016
Model 1824 G-Shock NATO/ZULU adapter
Keoni @Vern0n, yes, I've heard that these also fit the Protrek PRG-270. :)
Keoni @exmilitary, just saw your question here. Replied via PM. Cheers!
Keoni @NGKGojira Hi, sorry for the late reply. I will send you a PM.
Keoni @NGKGojira Hi, the 1824 don't fit the DW-6900. The 1622 fits. If you want that please send me a message and I will give you details on how to order. Thanks.
Keoni @MJ_D_Casio Hi, I am unable to cancel anything as I don't have such permissions. I have a store on Shapeways, but I have no control over the shopping cart system. Please contact Shapeways customer service. The easiest way to cancel is to view your current orders and click cancel.
Keoni @MJ_D_Casio Hi, sorry for my late reply. It seems that your watch has a 20 mm space between lugs. So this adapter is not wide enough. However, if you add two 1mm spacers on each side then it might be able to work.
Keoni @EAM2015 Hi, it seems that your watch may have a 16mm space between the lugs. If you can confirm this, then you will try the 1622 or 1624 instead. Cheers!
Keoni @iamnotspartacus Hi, I don't think I have any adaptors that can fit the PRG-40-3VUR. If you want, I can help design one for this watch, but I would need your help to provide measurements. If that sounds like something you'd like to do, please send me a PM and we can work out the details. Thanks.
Keoni @Strandrunner I believe the 1622 or 1624 will fit on the GA100-1A1.
Keoni @iwannugroho1911 I believe the 1622 or 1624 will also fit the G5600
Keoni commented on GShock GPW1000 NATO adapter by Keoni
March 4, 2016
GShock GPW1000 NATO adapter
Keoni Hi @dajiru, can I ask what watch is that in your photo? According to your previous comment, you were looking for the adapter for the GA-1000. I'm afraid you may have purchased the wrong one... Send me a private message and I'll get you taken care of. Cheers, Keoni
Keoni Hi @dajiru, here is the correct adapter for your watch: Cheers, Keoni


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