Craig Kaplan


3D modeler, Designer
I'm a computer science professor interested in decorative applications of computer graphics.

isohedral commented on Knitter's Ring (59mm) by isohedral
October 30, 2016
Knitter's Ring (59mm)
isohedral @fbbbd23 OK, try this new version of the ring:
isohedral @fbbbd23 Earlier this year, Shapeways introduced the ability to offer models (like rings) in a range of sizes, but I haven't gotten around to making a bunch of different sizes for this ring. Hopefully soon! I guess I should get on it, given that the holidays are rapidly approaching...
isohedral commented on Rocket coffee mug by isohedral
August 21, 2016
Rocket coffee mug
isohedral @sierramoore, I think you can now order the mug (Shapeways had to fiddle with stuff behind the scenes, which is why it wasn't obvious to me what was broken). It's 10 oz, not 12 -- hope that's a decent size.
isohedral @sierramoore, Honestly, I don't know why it's not for sale. It used to be. But I'll see if I can fix it.
isohedral commented on Rocket Espresso Cup by isohedral
June 10, 2016
Rocket Espresso Cup
isohedral @technav, I printed them right here on Shapeways, using their Porcelain material (and before that, Ceramic). Does that count as a "normal" 3D printer? Perhaps you mean something like a MakerBot. In that case no, it would be a bit hard to have the hardware and materials to print something like this at home. But it's easy to do it here! If you want to learn more about 3D printing, Shapeways is a pretty good way to do it -- they've got lots of great tutorials.
Great news: the original rocket espresso cup is back on sale at Shapeways! - Rocket Espresso Cup
isohedral commented on 25 Yarmulkes by isohedral
January 26, 2016
25 Yarmulkes
isohedral @ianaminev Not really. I could pack a few more kippahs into a single order, but at this point I think it would only bring the unit price down by a few cents.
isohedral @ilanaminev, the simple fact is that 3D printing doesn't really get cheaper at large quantities -- you still have to print every object from scratch. That being said, I think I was able to bring the price down a bit for this 25-kippah bulk order. Hope that helps.
isohedral commented on Framework menorah by isohedral
December 21, 2015
Framework menorah
isohedral I think that you should be OK with metallic plastic and with the strong and flexible materials, less sure about sandstone. But I've got to be honest and say that I'm not 100% sure. It's really a question for Shapeways themselves and not for me.
isohedral I've just updated the model with slightly thicker struts, which I think will pass all of Shapeways' tests -- you could try ordering it again if you're still interested. Let me reiterate that I haven't printed this one myself, so I hope it works out well! If you do get one, I'd love for you to post a photo here!
isohedral Sorry! You're the first person ever to order one of these -- even *I* haven't attempted to print one before, so I didn't know there would be problems. I certainly intend to work on repairing the 3D model so that it'll print, but I don't know when exactly I'll be able to do that.
isohedral commented on Yarmulke Two by isohedral
July 5, 2015
Yarmulke Two
isohedral Possibly. What do you have in mind?
isohedral commented on Block menorah by isohedral
February 16, 2015
Block menorah
isohedral It's a nice design, but I've never tried to print it. It would be quite expensive, which suggests that 3D printing might simply not be the best medium for this object.


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