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I'm a product and toy designer trained in Industrial Design who's created RC toys, lifestyle accessories, and household electronic...

Saab 9-3 Viggen Jack Covers - Full Set Of 4
interrobang_toys @christian_correa Shapeways doesn't produce in silver plastic--though, even if they did, the plastic wouldn't be a close match to Viggen 268 silver... painting to match your car is recommended! (I'd get it in black and then paint)
interrobang_toys @Gezzer1v I've received positive feedback on all 4 fitting in various colors!
interrobang_toys favorited Enlarged Virus by Wasabi4Alex
September 8, 2017
interrobang_toys favorited Tardigrade (Water Bear) by EricHo
September 7, 2017
Braun Multiwind HL1 - Shroud/Blade Guard Only
interrobang_toys @megadude I test-fitted both test-prints and they fit--dare I say--perfectly! Based on the tolerances, I believe the 'stong&flexible' materials will be an excellent fit as well. I like the pop of color as well, so next step is to rebuild the fan/turbine (not a reliable fit at the moment) and then also the toggle switch and then, perhaps new mounting brackets... Who knows where I'll stop! :)
interrobang_toys @megadude Actually, it's been so long since I broke down the fan for repair and measurements, I'll have to search my 'archives' to locate it! Will post a test fit as soon as able. I'm also going to see what other materials I can make available here on shapeways. Please stay tuned!
interrobang_toys Hey @megadude, I have successfully test-printed a couple in PLA. Not transparent or translucent, but it's a start! (And I think it's going to look very cool assembled).
interrobang_toys @megadude You know, I never got around to test printing this... (it's a bit pricey). Also, the transparent acrylic available through shapeways may not be what I'm looking for, which would be optically clear without very much post work at all. Clear Resin would likely work, and I can print that myself elsewhere... but, again, haven't gotten around to it! What did you have in mind for R&D?
interrobang_toys favorited ROOK by Pukey82
January 26, 2017
interrobang_toys favorited EGO miniature figure by Mr_props
September 23, 2016
PAIR Front Jack Point Covers Saab 9-3 Aero Viggen
interrobang_toys @Gezzer1v just a heads up: the rear set is ready and available... https://www.shapeways.com/product/THCX4XRCH/
interrobang_toys @Gezzer1v you read my mind! They are in the works now...
interrobang_toys @katie_lopez Thank you! Always nice to hear from another Saab enthusiast! They are pretty wonderful cars, and I'm working on making a few other parts available as well... ;)
PAIR Rear Jack Point Covers Saab 9-3 Aero Viggen
interrobang_toys 1 confirmed successful test-fit so far! :)
interrobang_toys Hey @Gezzer1v, thought you might like a set for the rear... ;)
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