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Manuel Van de Weijer


3D modeler, Product designer, Maker
3d grapics designer, and airsoft player,

AEP Piston Improved design one piece
IntelXeon @davidtriune if you use the aluminium version you can use high power springs with it , this is like any other aeg piston
IntelXeon commented on Custom Tri-shot Piston Head + Arm by IntelXeon
March 23, 2018
Custom Tri-shot Piston Head + Arm
IntelXeon @Saga57 mesuring up the cilinder yours must be probaly smaller than 14,29mm
IntelXeon @Saga57 it also says 1.39mm you can get a caliper and mesure its before you buy it
IntelXeon @Saga57 it could be ur using a differend brand , the one this model is based on fits fine for what its made for
IntelXeon commented on hopup arm cm030 by IntelXeon
February 10, 2018
IntelXeon commented on brace AEP Type 2 by IntelXeon
November 15, 2017
brace AEP Type 2
IntelXeon one of the reasons to try it made from plastic first so you dont waste money
IntelXeon @Boeroe yes for CYMA cm.026. mods, fitting, get it fit on it, be warned stainles still can shrink or expend durning printing, i dont know if anny of these bars wil be in the way when installing it on the gearbox and or when installing it into the replica
IntelXeon commented on AEP trigger bar by IntelXeon
November 9, 2017
AEP trigger bar
IntelXeon @Boeroe it is on shapeways, if you buy this type of materiale double sheck if there are no deformations becus of the printing process
IntelXeon commented on AEP Tappet Plate by IntelXeon
October 25, 2017
AEP Tappet Plate
IntelXeon Revision 2 updated, made the teeth abit longer on the tappet plate, posible strinking becus of printer
IntelXeon @mirage84 you should have taken the metal version instead
IntelXeon commented on AEP Piston Double O Ring Prototype by IntelXeon
October 20, 2017
AEP Piston Double O Ring Prototype
IntelXeon @Boeroe this is based on the pistons i see that used on eag's not sure if it wil work, but that why its a prototype, experimental product
IntelXeon commented on AEP Full Teeth Piston Body by IntelXeon
October 18, 2017
IntelXeon commented on AEP cutoff lever by IntelXeon
October 18, 2017
AEP cutoff lever
IntelXeon there is 1 thing i can try and its quite simple is to make a reinforcement brace that you can put on the aep gearbox but i dont know if it wil still fit in to the replica, could try to print out first a plastic version to see if it fits first
IntelXeon @Boeroe i gave it once a try modeling a gearbox but its realy hard, allot that can go wrong best thing would be is to contact retroarms or another 3d modeling agency that makes these things. here is my email adress
IntelXeon commented on AEP Cylinder head TYpe 2 v2 by IntelXeon
September 26, 2017
AEP Cylinder head TYpe 2 v2
IntelXeon even un polished brass is very smooth, alloth smoother than the stainless steel and polished nylon plastic or HD acryl plastic
IntelXeon @Boeroe polished brass starts at 84 euro tough even the inside wont be polished only the outer surface
IntelXeon commented on AEP Hopup Adjustment Wheel by IntelXeon
September 26, 2017
AEP Hopup Adjustment Wheel
IntelXeon @Boeroe no, walls to thin for steel
IntelXeon commented on AEP Cylinder head Type 2 by IntelXeon
September 26, 2017
AEP Cylinder head Type 2
IntelXeon finished sheck my store
IntelXeon @Boeroe im working on that right now
IntelXeon @Boeroe cant be printed in polished steel, walls to this, same goes for aluminium i need to make a fiew walls ticker
IntelXeon @Boeroe becus the walls are to thin for that material
IntelXeon @Boeroe for that i need to make some outer walls bit ticker, but 40 wont do it alluminium and brass is expensive here on shapeways
IntelXeon commented on AEP nozzle Type 2 by IntelXeon
September 26, 2017
AEP nozzle Type 2
IntelXeon @Boeroe walls are to thin for aluminium. thus brass is the only option or silver and they dont have polished aluminium
IntelXeon commented on SpringGuide AEP Improved by IntelXeon
September 26, 2017
SpringGuide AEP Improved
IntelXeon @Boeroe@Boeroe this materiaal feels more like hammered steel not like sand paper , it got a kind of wood grain in it
IntelXeon commented on AEP Hopup Arm Improved by IntelXeon
September 26, 2017
AEP Hopup Arm Improved
IntelXeon @Boeroe sheck out my private profile trough my user name
IntelXeon @Boeroe done, anny other wishes? if so pm me in private, easyer to keep track of things
IntelXeon commented on Swing Spring by Tekksavvy
May 20, 2017
Swing Spring
IntelXeon i dont think this works..
Swiss Arms Uzi Part - Nozzle IMPROVED
IntelXeon @Tigelaar thats the spirit :)
IntelXeon @FuLLeFFekT1 stainles steel works fine, also cheaper than the 2 other metals out there
IntelXeon used a 1,5mm drill gave me 250 fps, a good start
IntelXeon commented on Spring by rc_381
May 6, 2017
IntelXeon can you tell me how strong this kind of spring is ?
IntelXeon commented on Swiss Arms Uzi - Hopup Lever by IntelXeon
April 24, 2017
Swiss Arms Uzi - Hopup Lever
IntelXeon @FuLLeFFekT1 i just did a metal and a plastic
Revolver  6x Shells multi shot Economic
IntelXeon @FuLLeFFekT1 i never noticed your replay, shapeways.. you save 1,50/2,50 a part becus i added support studs to make a single object
IntelXeon commented on Tri-shot Cylinder Prototype by IntelXeon
March 22, 2017
Tri-shot Cylinder Prototype
IntelXeon @Chinchy a failed printed product? if so hey, shapeways should refund you or reprint it, even so, can you show me a picture under private conversion in what way it failed??
IntelXeon commented on AEP FULL TEETH PISTON GEAR by IntelXeon
December 20, 2016
IntelXeon @bombingrun@bombingrun I would like to but i dont own a glock
IntelXeon @bombingrun just mp7, glock version is a bit smaller
IntelXeon commented on Tri-shot Feeding Nozzle Prototype by IntelXeon
November 14, 2016
Tri-shot Feeding Nozzle Prototype
IntelXeon updated the moddel a bit
IntelXeon commented on Tri-shot Trigger Latch by IntelXeon
November 14, 2016
Tri-shot Trigger Latch
IntelXeon updated model now added a rod , still double sheck your parts, might be differend!
IntelXeon commented on Tri-shot Hopup Chamber by IntelXeon
November 12, 2016
Tri-shot Hopup Chamber
IntelXeon @Fenris13 dont know, get a taper and mesure yours i see if it fits or not


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