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Mike Bartel


3D modeler, Product designer, Maker
Manufacturer of commuter, transit and traction models and products and 1:700 scale ship model kits.

N Scale Amtrak GE P30CH Diesel Loco Body Shell
ihphobby @fcnrwy I guess shortening the shell is one way to make it work. Looks great!
ihphobby Bachmann E60CP is the closest match but you’ll have to fit it yourself.
N AEM7 Loco Body Amtrak/SEPTA/MARC
ihphobby This model is once again available in both FUD and HDBA.
ihphobby @Raptureandzune Excellent! Thanks for posting!
ihphobby This model is no longer available in the brittle FUD material. It's now available in the new Hi-Definition Black Acrylate material, which is smoother and stronger than FUD.
ihphobby @shurlock1The material is a bit brittle. The shell is a little thinner than we wanted because N scale mechanisms are large. So, you have to take a little care in handling it. Use super glue to put it back together.
ihphobby commented on HO GSI General 70 Commuter Trucks by ihphobby
November 14, 2017
HO GSI General 70 Commuter Trucks
ihphobby @mrazz71 Yes, they are designed specifically for those models. Bachmann or Intermountain 33" wheels are recommended because the trucks require an axle that is cylindrical and not tapered, as the Kadee wheelsets are, so you cannot use the Kadee wheelsets. Also, remember you have to file down the axle points flush with the wheel face, install the wheels with the insulator on the smooth side of the truck, and drill out the axle slightly with a 3/32" drill bit.
ihphobby @EMDSD14R The material does have some very good free-rolling properties. Snap your wheelsets in place and make sure they roll freely to the touch. If there's a little resistance, take an appropriate-size drill bit and, twisting it with your fingers, clean out the bearing a little. Then, replace the wheelset and check again.
ihphobby @EMDSD14R They snap in place. One side has pockets to allow for the plastic bushings on most wheelsets.
ihphobby commented on 1/700 Ersatz Yorck Parts Set E by ihphobby
January 4, 2017
1/700 Ersatz Yorck Parts Set E
ihphobby Hi, yes, they are in the detail plastic and are paintable. Use a good primer such as an auto primer, then you can use any paint you want over it.
ihphobby @JHeinz Sorry, looks like they got missed recently when the listing was updated. They are available now.
ihphobby commented on N Scale Budd Silverliner PRR Body Shell by ihphobby
November 19, 2016
N Scale Budd Silverliner PRR Body Shell
ihphobby It's still new. We won't know that for awhile.
ihphobby commented on O Kawasaki Double-End LRV Couplers by ihphobby
September 27, 2015
O Kawasaki Double-End LRV Couplers
ihphobby @nemesisx81 Hey Tyrone, the coupler head is correct and it's facing the right way, but we'll take another look at the shank.
ihphobby commented on N Scale Budd R32 Subway Car Body Shell by ihphobby
September 23, 2015
N Scale Budd R32 Subway Car Body Shell
ihphobby @joemp54 Cool, thanks for the heads-up!
ihphobby commented on HO Frame for R44/R46 A and B Cars Powered by ihphobby
September 16, 2015
HO Frame for R44/R46 A and B Cars Powered
ihphobby @berto775 Thanks, Berto. Don't hesitate to send feedback on the 3D parts in case we miss something, which certainly can happen! Note also that we are also able to lower the price a little on the R44 frames by grouping the parts differently for printing.
ihphobby @berto775 Berto, let us know about the problem fit areas and what you had to do, so we can fix them. Thanks!
ihphobby commented on HO Brill Bullet Coupler by ihphobby
August 25, 2015
HO Brill Bullet Coupler
ihphobby @berto775 Actually, we had a request for the correct NYC couplers recently from another customer. He sent photos. We'll do a correct coupler as soon as we have some time. Watch for updates.
ihphobby @berto775 It might be better to just make the correct couplers. We'd need some help with that, though.


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