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New product drop! - http://shpws.me/OTRA Sony Smartwatch 3 Bike mount Adapter
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June 10, 2019
Harryl commented on Adapter Case for Sony SmartWatch 3, 24mm by Harryl
February 5, 2018
Adapter Case for Sony SmartWatch 3, 24mm
Harryl @krzysztofgadomski86 this appears to be a printing issue to me as this item is a snug fit. I would contact Shapeways and request a replacement.
Harryl @Bilokf shipping prices and times are set by Shapeways.
Harryl @ShadowTeddy Hi. This has a button feature built into the side of it. It has a thin wall detail so you can press on the side and it will press the button.
Harryl @r_p_kulessa Hi. Sorry to hear you don't like the finish. This is a result of the type of 3D printing used to produce the part. The textured finish is still smooth, even if it does not have the same feel as regular plastic parts.
Harryl @theeteck Hi there. All shipping rates are handled by Shapeways. If the price is too high they do occasionally offer better rates but you have to keep an eye out for them.
Harryl @tecmunky firstly, did you order white or a color? If it was a color I would suggest not sanding as the color is dyed on and is quite thin. Otherwise, I would suggest using a fine grit sandpaper such as an 800.
Harryl Hi @runitralph If you look at the last message from the user who commented regarding a gap, they noted that it was not an error on the adapter. It was an issue with the pins they were sent. This Adapter 100% fits a 24mm strap.
Harryl Hi @zerokewl3 There is a link in the description to the pins that the holes were designed around. I'm not sure what the issue would be for your particular pin purchase. Did you buy the suggested unit or something else? Otherwise yes
Harryl @jimmilne The sides of the holder are relatively thin, so if you sand it just be careful not to apply to much pressure. That said, this material really is pretty strong and flexible. Keep in mind, because of the printing process it may be relatively porous as you continue to sand. If you really want a silky smooth finish it would be worth getting a filler to put on it then sand back.
Harryl @alclaireted Perhaps, however this is something that shapeways manages and is out of my hands. If you think it is an unreasonable amount I would contact Shapeways and request further information regarding their pricing. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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September 11, 2016
Sony SmartWatch 3 adapter 22mm
Harryl @nate215n I am not giving out the file. Thanks
Harryl @jaymigibbs42 Yes. There is a locally thin section on the side of the button which allows you to press it.
Harryl @acwildchild Currently no, this design would not work in metal. If there is enough interest I will make another model that is metal. It will end up being quite expensive, mainly due to the pricing of metals through Shapeways printing services.
Harryl @riote No it does not come with the pins. You can purchase these from Amazon or other outlets based on the strap width
Harryl Everybody I am not releasing the file at this time.
Harryl @fendergrab I suggest contacting shapeways directly regarding the issue of the size as they may have shipped you the incorrect piece.
Harryl @fendergrab I can't lookup your purchase however by the sounds of it you may have ordered the 24mm. I checked the model uploaded for the 22mm at it was correct.
Harryl Ok well the pin I mentioned earlier from that amazon link fits. I would suggest trying it. Thanks
Harryl I'm confused as to why the pins you bought do not fit. They should extend to a total length of 25-26mm for a 22mm strap. Did you buy a PIN that was 22mm in total length?
Harryl @sirfadakar To confirm, it measures 22mm between lugs?
Harryl commented on Sony SmartWatch 3 adapter 20mm by Harryl
September 1, 2016
Sony SmartWatch 3 adapter 20mm
Harryl @beersstephen123 The best you can get directly from shapeways is their polished option. The surface is smooth to the touch however it is still visibly porous.


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