Scott Driver


Designer, Product designer, Artist, Artisan
Gamer, Designer, Painter and Sculptor, I am just now delving into Computer 3D imaging and design and might I say, WOW?!?

1/200 Polikarpov I-15 Chato (x4)
FatalFlaw I-15 in Russian Service Early WWII Scheme, on a Wings of Glory CR.42 Stand for this pic
FatalFlaw Here's a shot of Frank 'Glasgow' Tinker's I-15, though he did share it with other International pilots, etc.
FatalFlaw These are the best bang for the buck! I love them and have sold more than I have kept, but I will keep coming back. Fantastic even in WSF!
FatalFlaw commented on 1/200 Heinkel He-51 (x2) by kampfflieger
March 6, 2015
1/200 Heinkel He-51 (x2)
FatalFlaw And one more...
FatalFlaw An Earlier Finished HE.51B
FatalFlaw 'WaterLine' here, but 'FatalFlaw' most everywhere Here is another angle of one of my SCW He.51B's by Kampfflieger in WSF. Cheers!
FatalFlaw Another Fantastic design from Kampfflieger and a real staple for my Spanish Civil War Gaming. I could not agree with Carl more and he has done a fantastic is an example of one of mine...all hand-painted!
FatalFlaw commented on 1/100 Henschel Hs-123 by kampfflieger
February 17, 2015
1/100 Henschel Hs-123
FatalFlaw Here is an example of this robust model almost finished. I need to obtain a pilot figure and add a wind screen, but otherwise she's looking pretty...
FatalFlaw Another angle of this robust model...
FatalFlaw This is another well designed and sturdy model. Again, there is no real detail on the Ventral elevators and no wind screen, but these are pretty easy to remedy and the over all feel of this model is excellent! Thanks again K!
FatalFlaw commented on 1/200 Fiat CR.32 (x2) by kampfflieger
February 12, 2015
1/200 Fiat CR.32 (x2)
FatalFlaw Here is a shot of the Cr.32 in Chinese Service during the Sino-Japanese War and/or Early WWII...
FatalFlaw I am so happy this feature is functioning properly again. I have ben wanting to show some of these excellent models, but only got around to it these last few days. Here's another one and I will show one in Chinese service here soon...
FatalFlaw I have now bought and finished several of these wonderful models. The detail at this scale is simply amazing. hopefully I can figure out how to add some pics of the finished products Please keep up the good work. WaterLine 'FatalFlaw'
FatalFlaw commented on 1/100 Polikarpov I-15 Chaika by kampfflieger
February 12, 2015
1/100 Polikarpov I-15 Chaika
FatalFlaw One more to show off their overall appearance...
FatalFlaw Another angle with Kampfflieger's R-5 and an Axis & Allies, Angels 20, Polikarpov I-16, repaint...
FatalFlaw These are simply AWESOME! I have now finished 4 of these and sold one for $35 USD. I plan on doing many more including Russian, Spanish Nationalists, and many more Spanish Republicans! Now I just need a good source for 1/100 pilot Thanks again!
FatalFlaw commented on 1/200 Polikarpov R-5 (x2) by kampfflieger
February 12, 2015
1/200 Polikarpov R-5 (x2)
FatalFlaw So many gaming scenarios with this one. Great Detail! Again, I just need to figure out a good rear gunner option, but I love these. Thanks again Kampfflieger!
FatalFlaw commented on 1/100 Fiat CR.32 by kampfflieger
February 12, 2015
1/100 Fiat CR.32
FatalFlaw Another Favorite of Mine! The Lines are excellent and the design is both accurate and sturdy. Only one hiccup, is that there is no detail at dorsal elevators in tail. Otherwise, Excellent!
FatalFlaw commented on 1/100 Polikarpov R-5 by kampfflieger
February 12, 2015
1/100 Polikarpov R-5
FatalFlaw I love this model and its 1/200 counterpart, as well. I just need to figure out the best options for pilots and rear gunners. Great Work! Thanks again Kampfflieger!


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