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czhunter commented on DSB IC3 N [3x body + details] by czhunter
March 9, 2018
DSB IC3 N [3x body + details]
czhunter Hello @Ante80 , it is not easy to say - in general, Black High-definition should have the best surface quality. On the other hand - it is least predictable, as the outcome is much set by how Shapeways engineer set up the prinitng supports - and I have no control over this. FUD/FXD is "well knows classic" - with little bit worse surface quality (= more sanding) at the surface where wax support touches (in this case roof), but quite predictable. In reality, 3D print is usually never 2 times exactly the same.
czhunter Hello, thank you for your interest! First: Yes, I'm planning IR4, IC4 and IC2 in N and TT (H0 would be very expansive and its easier and cheaper to mod Electrotren model) - should be done before Christmas. Later I will do Oresundtog and Litra SA (4-peice ... maybe 8-piece as well). About the undercarriage - I can't give you exact advice - I'm rather 3D modeler then train builder (I'm building TT railroad, but my models are bought or slightly modded). Theoretically, IC3 has Jacobs bogies, so DB Talent/Talent2 could work ... but I don't know if you can fi it in - Denmark trains are always "closing" to the bottom (bottom is narrower then middle space) - that is not typical for trains in other countries.
I love the small trams up and running in layout.
Tatra T6B5 Tatra T6B5 H0 [body]
Berliner S-bahn is getting bigger!

(0 scale to be clear :-) ) BR 477 Mod 0 scale [1x body]
Feel Berlin! -

S-bahn, U-bahn and more to come :) Berlin Baureihe F N-scale [2x body]
Check out DSB IC3, now in TT! - DSB IC3 TT [3x body + details]
czhunter commented on DSB IR4 N [4x body] by czhunter
November 12, 2016
DSB IR4 N [4x body]
czhunter Hello dice5 Now Litra SA/SE, then IC2 (I need to find some photo of roof details first - not so easy, IC2 is not well documented) and rescale all to TT scale. Then Oresundtag ... and later maybe swedish X2000 ... but that is plan for next year.
Soviet metro steering wagon (E) TT [body]
czhunter Hello, its just the body - I never got blueprints for bogies (and specially the undercarriage is not well documented)
Wow, that was some hard work to do to put all the tiny details on this small train with rubber nose! :-)

In future all the derivatives will come - IC2, IR4, OresundTog, IC3 Israel/Amtrak, IC3 RENFE ... and then again in TT and H0.
That's a lot to come - thank god I love it!


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