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3D modeler, Animator, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker
3D Modeler / Generalist, with a passion for merging organic and mech design elements, bringing the imaginary into the real world.

CS1_ commented on Autobot Ring Size 10 by CS1_
September 22, 2018
Autobot Ring Size 10
CS1_ @Armstrong3D Yeah, Shapeways seems to be going the way of the Dodo. :( What size ring do you need?
CS1_ @Armstrong3D Hasbro has an agreement with Shapeways regarding some of their IPs, including transformers. They gave us permission to sell until the beginning of the year, after which I we halt sales until they work out more details. Currently I am awaiting word to place these back up for sale. I hope that helps :) Cheers :D
CS1_ @dantron Thanks. Glad you like it. I hope to have it up for sale soon. Just waiting on some official word ;)
Check out this new pendant! - Flower Mandala WorryStone Pendant
CS1_ commented on Botanica Mechanicum RING SIZE 9 by CS1_
August 20, 2016
Botanica Mechanicum RING SIZE 9
CS1_ @roccapaper The raw brass has color variations that are somewhat random. It just happened to come out that way on mine.
CS1_ commented on Botanika Mechanicum Ring SIZE 10 by CS1_
August 20, 2016
Botanika Mechanicum Ring SIZE 10
CS1_ @roccapaper Most certainly Enjoy :3
A 3D printed action-figure of one of my animated characters won me a bunch of awesome prizes. 3D Printing and Shapeways for the WIN! :D
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March 1, 2016
CS1_ commented on Autobot Dog Tag by CS1_
September 5, 2015
Autobot Dog Tag
CS1_ @williambessentiii Legally? not that I can think of. Get Hasbro to make Michael Bay to use it in his next movie so it becomes an official item they will want to sell ? Know anyone at Hasbro? Know Michael Bay? :/ I am in the process of chatting with SW to get their legal team to maybe reopen that conversation if possible. @Xenock You are right, however, some of these companies can be quite trixy...Some will leave you alone...but, they will leave you alone until they suddenly feel they should sue for damages caused to them by my selling a few items. I am not down for legal dramas.
CS1_ @williambessentiii Probably not. Thing is I could take a chance, but it's likely that Hasbro can, at anytime threaten with legal action...Or torture me by sending Michael Bay to my house...with explosions D: I'd rather just wait till they give the go ahead, or try to grab someone at Shapeways who can give me a better answer on the proceedings :3
CS1_ @williambessentiii Also Thank you, Glad you like the design. Who knows, if we get enough people foaming at the mouth maybe they will give permission :p
CS1_ @williambessentiii Dunno. I was waiting for Hasbro to give the "ok" for us to sell this stuff. If I do it otherwise they will not be happy I am guessing :/
CS1_ commented on Botanika Mechanicum Pendant by CS1_
April 18, 2015
Botanika Mechanicum Pendant
CS1_ @LikesyrupThanks :3 Glad you like it


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