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CAA52 commented on Disk-wheel-5mm by CAA52
August 30, 2018
CAA52 Hello Mack_84. I scaled up the Pegaso disk wheel to the required diameter and it is available in the shop now. (any chance you could make a picture of the truck for me that will get this wheel disk fitted?) It will not be a Mack truck I guess... Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on Divco Cab-V4 by CAA52
November 16, 2017
Divco Cab-V4
CAA52 @swfarms. Hi, that is indeed a very nice Divco Truck. Thank you for posting the picture. It is always fine to see what became of the bare 3D-printed model. And a really wonderful scenery it is. Thanks Ad
CAA52 commented on Ram-air-intake-snorkel by CAA52
November 25, 2016
CAA52 @73gmc454 Hi Jamie, Thanks for sharing the image; that is a superb looking Superliner. Great build; the air intake snorkel would look OK on that MACK too, I would guess :-) I googled on the GMC astro truck and saw some do have the Donaldson air intake fitted. I hope the 3D print one is OK for the GMC when you decide to go ahead with it. Success, and happy building. Regards Ad
CAA52 @73gmc454 Hi Jamie. I uploaded a 1/25th scale inlet to the shop. Any chance you would up load a picture of your truck. Is it a MACK truck? Regards Ad
CAA52 @Mack_84 Hello Tim, Asking is free, no problem. Send me your list and I’ll try to pick up on them in between the other requests that I have. Maybe you can open a Shapeways account so you can send a forum message or you can leave your mail address in the next reply. I will mail you and we’ll pick up from there. Regards Ad
CAA52 @Mack_84 Hi, Tim, I love the idea. I collected some images from the internet and certainly will give it a try. I have put your request in my to-do-list. I have to build a MACK F700 cab first, so I cannot start up with this great project right away. Some patience required ….. Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on Custom-Fenders-King Hauler-cab by CAA52
August 27, 2016
Custom-Fenders-King Hauler-cab
CAA52 Hi, Roykirk, I included some youtube Url’s to follow that maybe answer your questions. I have no personal experience with WSF material as I am not a RC scale model builder myself. I was told that glueing of WSF works perfect and easy and during the painting work NEVER grind the plastic directly. Multiple layers of primer should be applied and the primer should be grinded softly before paint is applied. Hope this is of any help to you. Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on Rear-wheel-twin-tyre-set-Dia52mm by CAA52
July 10, 2016
CAA52 @Mack_84 Hi Tim, The wheels were requested with supply of those big dimensions. It could be for a 1:10 model; I'm not sure what they were for ... Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on Sampan87-WL-kn by CAA52
February 29, 2016
CAA52 @warspite1807: The scale applied is 1:87
CAA52 commented on Superliner-bull-bar by CAA52
December 17, 2015
CAA52 Hello Mack_84, I added a dimension sheet image to the bull bar model so it can be judged by anyone personally if the overall size is OK for their truck. If it is not then let me know what size is needed and I will make a new (bigger or smaller) model available. Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on Mack-shell4 Shh by CAA52
October 7, 2015
Mack-shell4 Shh
CAA52 Hi Tim, Yes this cab can be combined with the Superliner hood. There is a picture at the Superliner hood model showing it with the closed door cab. It will look the same with this open door cab. Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on MACK-hood Superliner by CAA52
August 14, 2015
MACK-hood Superliner
CAA52 @Mack_84 Hi Tim. Yes, I make cabs on request (all cabs in my shop are). I will make a MACK F700 cab for you (DAY or Sleeper?); I have put your request on my to-do-list. The only ‘problem’ is time, I cannot produce one on short notice. I hope you are a patient person .. Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on Rear-wheel-twin-tyre-set by CAA52
July 6, 2015
CAA52 @Mack_84 Hi Mack_84; no the file is called "set" because it contains a wheel and a cap to cover the central fixing nut. Putting 4 or 6 'sets' together is in 1 file would not change the total price tag. That 's why I kept it to a single wheel and cap. Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on Mack-Shell4-Top-Sunvisor by CAA52
June 27, 2015
CAA52 @charitychuck Have uploaded the sunvisor in both scales. I hope they fit your truck models as the sunvisor was designed to fit the high top roof of the militay MACK; succes. Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on Imbert WGenerator by CAA52
June 22, 2015
Imbert WGenerator
CAA52 @Shorty Hi the Imbert in 1:72 scale is available in the shop now. Regards Ad
CAA52 commented on Oshkosh-1-35 by CAA52
March 18, 2015
CAA52 @Blackmayne: Thanks for sharing the good news. Maybe a picture of the finished model to follow? Thanks Ad
CAA52 commented on Oshkosh-1-72 by CAA52
February 10, 2015
CAA52 @bgsfreak The model is in the other section where all 1:87 models are stored. Check the sections menu on the left of the shop and enter the 1:87 section. It should be visible by now ....
CAA52 @bgsfreak Hi, I uploaded a H0 scale hood to the 1:87 section. I hope that it is printable due to the very small dimensions. Only 1 way to find out. Regards Ad Ad


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