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avandius commented on Steampunk Gear Dice Set by avandius
May 13, 2019
Steampunk Gear Dice Set
avandius @ealita Unfortunately, I did not raise the price at all. This must have been shapeways increasing their prices across the board.
avandius @green_eyed_drow Me and my D&D groups use them exclusively. We have never noticed any favoring.
avandius @fb33396 Hello fb, please contact shapeways directly to get your replacement. It looks like the d4 was printed in steel.
avandius @valhallajandro Nice work! Those look awesome! :)
avandius commented on Dragon Dice Set by avandius
October 30, 2015
Dragon Dice Set
avandius @faile02 They roll and bounce, just not quite the same as your usual material. Each material has a different feel. Hope you find some you like.
avandius @faile02 They are hollow and very light as a plastic, lighter then standard dice. However, that does not compromise their strength. They are very strong. The steels of this set are on the opposite end and heavy. Hope this helps.
avandius @gedakt That's the first I've heard of it. I have some sets from back 2012 that I purchased and they are still fine. Although, I haven't gotten them wet very much. Does it make them look better or worse? :)
avandius commented on Steampunk Dice Set by avandius
August 18, 2015
Steampunk Dice Set
avandius @aesp51 I'd love to, however Brass can't be printed when there are multiple objects in the same file. :( You can buy them individually in brass.
avandius @Iboschi Sorry for the late response! Was out of the country without internet (crazy right?). Anyhow, the d6's are the same size in any of my sets. :) I'm pretty sure they are a bronze/steel alloy and not plated. You can find out more information here:
avandius commented on Jack Dice Set by avandius
August 16, 2015
Jack Dice Set
avandius @cassiel33 Me and my players use them all the time during our pen and paper sessions. We have not noticed any number favoring. They are truely random.
avandius commented on Steampunk Gear Pendant by avandius
June 16, 2015
Steampunk Gear Pendant
avandius @fpa76 Good to know! :) I don't know any latin, that is simply what google translated for me. Haha.
avandius commented on Dragon d12 by avandius
April 26, 2015
Dragon d12
avandius There is an issue with stainless steel that I need to fix to get it to work.
avandius commented on Dragon d20 by avandius
April 26, 2015
Dragon d20
avandius @alecct That depends on the material, for steel the details are bit more rounded. For plastic and precious metals, they are much sharper.


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