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Excelsior-class after torpedo launcher for the 1/1000th AMT/ERTL Excelsior and Enterprise-B kits now available. Excelsior-class After Torpedo Launcher In 1-1000
Check out this cool product! - Aft Torpedo Launcher for Lunar Models Excelsior
Check out this cool product! - Aft Torpedo Launcher for Lunar Models Excelsior
Check out this cool product! - Heerman After Tub In 1-125th Scale
aptivaboy commented on Box Missile Launcher Package by aptivaboy
September 2, 2016
Box Missile Launcher Package
aptivaboy @chrisandgenene That's the width of the entire package as it sits on the printer plate. Each individual launcher is much smaller. Go here and you can see one hanging down from the nose of the JT GRaphics/Bad Azz Pegasus:
Check out this cool product! - Fletcher/Heerman Midships Assembly in 1/144th Scal
Gemonon Traveler Four Pack - Scaled Down
aptivaboy @warspite Hi, These are actually the correct scale. Well, this one is: . A friend actually met some of the VFX people from the series and got the correct measurements for all of the ships straight from them, including peeks at the actual meshes. I didn't have access to those when I made these, of course, just his measurements. The thing was that they then often played fast and loose on the show, sometimes making the traveler bigger and clearly a small starship in its own right, other times a large shuttle capable of fitting inside a landing bay. So, while there is a canon set of measurements, the show tweaked and twisted those around quite a lot. Shrinking it down is not a problem. The base CAD file is already 16ish mm in length so a drop to 14.6 mm wouldn't be a problem. Just one or a package of four? Let me know. Bob
aptivaboy commented on Greebly Package (corrected) by aptivaboy
March 4, 2016
Greebly Package (corrected)
aptivaboy @gatorspace PS. I did these about a year or two ago, actually, to detail up some battlestar models. If you have other greebly ideas (shapes, etc.) please feel free to PM me and I'll see what can be done.
aptivaboy Thank you! I hope this works out for you!
Ambassador bow torpedo launchers version 2
aptivaboy @Quark_1961 They're for the 1/1400th kit. I don't have the smaller Amby model so I didn't size them for it. I'm actually considering deleting the engines because the angle between the after hull where they mate and the engine itself isn't quite right, admittedly.
aptivaboy commented on Pegasus Engine Insert Package by aptivaboy
November 21, 2015
Pegasus Engine Insert Package
aptivaboy No problem. It was just another look that I wanted to explore. The Bad Azz engines were problematic, so I waned to go in a different direction creatively. Sometimes, the little plate covers print, sometimes not, even though both Netfabb and Shapeways' own error checking software clear it. They're right at the limit of what's printable. I elected not to use them, in the end, and leave those little details opened up and visible.
aptivaboy @Quark_1961 I made these because my Bad Az Peggie model had some poorly cast "middle of the engine" parts, so I may some replacments to my own design, that's all. They're just another take on the part, that's all. This pic will show what they look like in action: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
aptivaboy commented on Devin's Valk Assembly by aptivaboy
November 21, 2015
Devin's Valk Assembly
aptivaboy Thanks. These parts may be ever so slightly thick compared to the screen mesh, but I wanted to ensure that they were printable and more resilient than the it parts that needed replacement. If they look that way to your eyes, then all you'll need to do is LIGHTLY sand them to remove a tiny amount of mass. If your kit comes with properly formed parts, unlike Devin's, then you won't need these. Hopefully, that will be the case.
aptivaboy @Quark_1961 They're for this kit: The kit parts were sorta kludgy, so I made a new pair of fins for a friend. Bob
aptivaboy commented on Colonial Defender Landing Bay by aptivaboy
November 14, 2015
Colonial Defender Landing Bay
aptivaboy Good morning, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I was on jury duty and then getting caught up from that at work. The landing bay and cross piece are already in standard battlestar scale (1/4105, or thereaouts). Its intended for the Fantastic Plastic Colonial Defender kit which is in that scale, so it may not need rescaling. The crosspiece is intended specifically for the F-P kit, however, and just press fits in. As a result, it may not interface with the model you're getting if it isn't the F-P kit. Which one were you getting? As you can see from the links, the arm or strut is a bit longer than normal. That was just my personal taste, but I felt during the design phase that the landing bay should be further from the main hull and engines to allow a pilot on final approach more leeway and safety. I just wanted you to see that as its been commented upon unfavorably by a couple of people who inquired about ordering it. Bob


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