Falcon Docking Rings 1/144 #3, No Damage
AgeOfPlastic Hi, @j_holtslander! Yes - that's a good point... the photos of the unpainted parts don't look great. I don't have any properly painted ones yet, but I've posted a shot of a primed part to give you an idea of how it looks. Remember this is a magnified shot - in person the detail looks fantastic!
AgeOfPlastic commented on Docking Bay, 1:144 by AgeOfPlastic
December 3, 2017
Docking Bay, 1:144
AgeOfPlastic @monsterpartyhat: Done. The set is now fully sprued.
Hi, folks! So I haven't posted with new products for a while, but I have been experimenting with the awesome new Bandai 1:72 "Perfect Grade" Millennium Falcon!

It's pretty close to perfect, and doesn't need much by the way of detailing. But one thing it needed was proper landing gear rings, so I've produced some correctly perforated ones. :) Perfect Grade Falcon, 1:72, Landing Gear Rings
So I've put together some information on how to prepare, clean, and paint 3D printed acrylic parts! Let me know if you find it useful.
Star Wars, Alien, and a bunch of other SF movies shot in the late 70s and 80s all used the same plastic shipping pallet as a floor, wall, and ceiling decoration. So I thought it might be fun to create a replica for use with 1/12 figures and the like. Star Wars / Alien Floor Panel
By the way - sorry if multiple "favourites" of my own models appear in your feed!

After many weeks Shapeways still haven't fixed the bug that's resulted in a whole ton of the same "favourite" appearing in my feed over and over, so I was having a look at how that works. And now I've favourited my own stuff. And there's no undo feature! Argh.

So I've created a 1:72 version of my Docking Bay 94 detail set! This was more than just an upscale - I added additional detail to most of the pieces, and also increased the internal holes to reduce the amount of plastic used, and thus the cost. Docking Bay 94, 1:72
Hi. My apologies for my product feed containing the same repeated images over and over of another designer's products. There's a bug in Shapeways' site.

Hopefully those repeated images will vanish soon!
Also a non-tilting version of the Bandai Millennium Falcon cannons if you'd prefer! Millennium Falcon cannons, fixed, 1:144
Completing my set of add-on spaceships for the 1:2700 Star Destroyer - my rendition of the Millennium Falcon! Millennium Falcon 1:2700
Exciting news. Adding to my group of add-on ships for Star Destroyers, and joining the Rebel Blockade Runner and Slave 1, here's an Imperial shuttle from Return of the Jedi. Imperial Shuttle, 1:2700
Grilles! Grilles! Grilles!

So I've made a set of grilles and engine parts for the Bandai 1:144 Millennium Falcon model. Different variants depending on whether you're going for a Special Edition look or a The Force Awakens look. In fact, I think I may have the most accurate TFA engine grille yet made.

Special Edition, grille only:

Special Edition grille with Fine Molds style engine:

TFA: Millennium Falcon: Fine Grille Only, 1:144
Or perhaps you want a near-microscopic model of Slave 1, the grimly named spacecraft of feared fictitious bounty hunter Boba Fett. He may have only nanoseconds of screentime and not much story, but he has a great looking ship! Boba Fett’s Slave 1, 1:2700
Greetings! So to start the fun with my new Shapeways online shop, I'm announcing a whole squadron of little TIE fighters for you to load into your Russian star destroyer. 1/2700 scale. Crazy small! TIE Fighter Squadron, 1:2700


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