Hairpin legs add a streamlined modernist flavor to any piece of furniture, so it’s no surprise that they’re incredibly popular (and have been for almost 80 years). Invented by Henry P. Glass in 1941 as a metal-saving wartime innovation, they quickly became mid-century modernism’s go-to (small-space-saving) finishing touch.

Not only do they look great, they can be easily DIY’d — whether you’re making them from scratch or replacing the legs on existing furniture. Mike Montgomery from Modern Builds is an expert at it, and now, he’s figured out a way to make hairpin legs even better using 3D printing. See how he created a beautiful coffee table, then added a Shapeways-printed accessory to protect floors from those pretty, pointy hairpin legs.

So now the choice is yours: get Modern Builds hairpin leg floor protectors here, or…