Can you write code but don’t know how to 3D model? We just launched ShapeJS! For those of you who know basic programming, you can now easily generate 3D printable objects via a simple JavaScript program.  

How does it work? ShapeJS is a language and development environment that generates printable math art, shapes, or that manipulates images and geometry to create products of various forms. It allows you  to write JavaScript in a web page and instantly see geometry generated in a 3D viewer on the right. The voxel library gives you very accurate control over what gets printed.  By combining a rich set of constructive solid modeling operations with voxel level control, you get the best of both types of modeling.   

We’re already seeing great products that have been made using ShapeJS:

ShapeJS can also serve as a foundation for everything from hosted apps to a development library for API Partners. Once you’re happy with the object, you can print it for yourself or quickly turn it into a creator for others to use. Apps already built with ShapeJS include the Ring Creator and 2D to 3D Image Popper

ShapeJS is still in beta, so we can’t guarantee everything will be perfect right away, but it is live and we’ve been demo’ing it to excited audiences at hackathons. Join our developer community, share your feedback, and help us make this the coolest tool you’ve ever used!