Siggraph 2010 Competition Winner

Shapeways received a number of fantastic entries in the Siggraph 2010 Competition where we asked the Shapeways community to submit a design that could be used as the centerpiece for our stand at Siggraph 2010 to be held in Los Angeles from the 25 to the 29th of July.  

Congratulations go to Dizingof with his A/V Stand for iPod Touch which has won him a $250 Shapeways coupon (along with the prestige and envious admiration of his peers).

Other outstanding entries included the 36 Pencil Bowl, and the Reaction Vase which I personally lust over. Keep an eye on the Shapeways contest page for more chances to win like the current Draw your own earrings sweepstakes

If you are attending Siggraph 2010 be sure to visit Shapeways at booth 538 to see the A/V Stand for iPod Touch and say hello.

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    1. Stijn van der Linden

      Hey !

      Congratulations Asher ! Well done !



      Ps. Also love the Reaction Series and don’t forget the amazing Gauntlet !


      Thanks Stijn
      I too love the Reaction Vase !

  1. Walter Sharrow

    So lame. Enough of this Apple crap! Unless you guys are getting a nice kick back from the company, STOP PIMPING THEIR WARES! It’s like a non-stop infomercial.

    1. Duann

      Hi Walter.

      Shapeways picked the winner of the siggraph contest based on the use of 3D printing, not any product affiliation. I am also quite certain Dizingof is not getting any kickbacks as he does not even have access to an iPod touch.

      We will take your comment into consideration but I personally have not seen any products that incorporate PC components.

      We are interested to see how Shapeways users combine 3D printing with existing products be it as a stand, holder or hack. We would love to see product hacks and may be running a contest in the near future to stimulate this tird party product integration.

    2. Dizingof

      Guys i’m doing lunch tomorrow with El Jobso… i’ll ask him if he liked my design.

    3. duann scott

      Oh, cool, are you going to help out with the whole antenna dealo??

    4. Dizingof

      Yep ! I call my new idea: The iGum.

      Stick it on iPhone’s 4 metal crack and you’re good to go ! :D

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