Designer for Hire: Dhemerae Ford

If you have a project you want to 3D print but need some help creating a 3D printable file the Shapeways ‘Designers for Hire‘ are Shapeways community members with a proven record of making other peoples ideas real.  Contact Dhemerae Ford to help you 3D print your designs.

Designer for Hire: Dhemerae Ford

Shapeways User Name: dhemerae

Shapeways Shop: RustyBunny

Bio: I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in digital art from New York University. Since 2010 I’ve been working with the Advanced Media Studio at NYU to assess, fix and create 3D printed works for a large variety of clients including surgeons, dentists, designers, artists, and engineers throughout the NYU community. My own work relies heavily on 3d-printing as well and so the majority of my experience comes from the models I make myself and have printed. I have hands on experience with a variety of printers (from lo-def to HD) including the Zcorp 650, Connex 500 by Stratysis, the Projet 7000, and even small RepRaps including the Makerbot and some printers that I’ve built myself. I’m adept at working with the specific limitations of a variety of printers and the modeling requirements to create great prints at efficient costs.


Services Offered: 3d modeling, file repair, and 3d scanning.

3D Modeling Specialties: I specialize in realistic and organic forms, from photos or sketches. However I do have experience in engineering.

3D Software Used: ZBrush, Maya, Solidworks, Cinema 4D, Rhino

Examples of projects undertaken:

Project 1: Tonari no Chtuhlu

Project 2: 3D printed Canvas

Project 3: 3D printed mask

References from previous clients:


Sarah Awad:

“I have collaborated with Dhemerae on several projects and she has been an incredible pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of modeling is extensive but always specific, and her troubleshooting skills are truly off the charts because of this. Our last project was nothing but problematic, but she carried the project during this time, finding solution after solution to move us forward. Combined with her fresh creativity and keen sense of design, she is a truly well-rounded maker. Her models are skillfully rendered, her visual choices unique, and her sense of color is great fun!”

Ronnie Two:

“I had Dhemerae model something very specific for me and she blew my expectations out of the water. She was quick, efficient and really knew her stuff. She got it printed for me and even shipped it to my address going above and beyond what I had asked for in the first place. She works hard and really cares about the work she does, so you should definitely hire her to get your own work done.”

Haley Mellin:

“I hired Dhemerae to fix and add to a 3d scan I had done for an exhibition. I had a really tight deadline but she was able to finish the project in time and it looked great! It was all ready to print and we got the whole thing made and ready to ship in 5 days. She works really hard and really know her stuff.” 

Pricing Structure: ie by the hour, by project (not $ amount) Contact Dhemerae to get a quote on your project.


I was recently a part of one of the first group shows in nyc featuring all 3d-printed work:

About me
Shapeways Designer Evangelist
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