Shapeways Body Scans at the MAD in NYC

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Shapeways Scans
is a gallery of visitors 3D Scanned at the Out of Hand/Hands On interactive space at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in NYC.

Come in and get 3D scanned at MAD then have a miniature figurine printed at 10cm high in Full Color, Nylon or Stainless Steel, or 5cm high in Bronze, Sterling Silver, Brass or Gold Plated Brass by Shapeways.

This Thursday we are hosting a Meetup at MAD where you can come in on their ‘Pay what you wish’ night so you can check out the AMAZING exhibition and maybe get yourself scanned like Colby Keller did? 

Check out the slideshow of some of the images from the exhibition.

The Out of Hand exhibition will run until June 1st 2014 at Columbus Circle in New York City.

Shapeways Thanks EOS, Occipital, Formlabs, Rhinoceros, LIFT Architects & RUSH Design for their support.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is full body scan personal information?

    Credit for the first image, from left to right:
    Cathy Rosamond, Carlene Larsson, Margaret Lazarus and Cheri Ehrlich

    1. mkroeker

      Probably yes, but I assume they had participants agree to certain terms&conditions (which
      possibly included production rights for unlimited copies created during thundery nights in a certain German castle). And as depicted here it must count as sufficiently pixelated to preserve anonymity.

    2. Duann

      Correct(ish) all participants agree by being scanned that they will be in a public gallery of scanees on Shapeways.

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