Designer Spotlight: YOU

This weeks Designer Spotlight focuses on YOU. Why? Because we know our community is capable of designing the most amazing things, and we have the best materials to print them in. Everyday we are blown away by the things you create and we want to share that with the world.   For MakerFaire this year, we want to showcase the best of the best. The best models, in the best materials. 

We want you to show us the most amazing object that shows the capability of each material. Your design will be the best representation of that material.

How detailed can you make a FUD model? How many moving parts can you incorporate into WSF? What’s the most beautiful piece of mind blowing jewelry in silver? What impossible sculpture is possible with 3D printed ceramic? We love things like this ceramic vase by Virtox, and the gold plated brass skull by Joshua Harker because they demonstrate the possibilities. 

We want to showcase the full possibilities of 3D printing in these materials. So show us what you’ve got! You can submit something you already made, or design a brand new thing. Simply post a link to you model to enter. It MUST fit within the design guidelines, rules and material specifications, which can all be found on the Materials Page. Additionally, it must needs to pass printability checks.

Post a link to your model on Shapeways in the comments to be considered, and be sure to tag it #HallofFame. All entries must be in by Wednesday August 28th midnight EST. We will pick a winner in each material, in several finishes. So go big (or detailed, or colorful, or wacky)!
Winners will be announced on Monday September 2nd. The Prize is eternal fame as your model will travel with us to MakerFaire New York in September, and we will ship you a 3D print of your model to keep too.
We can’t wait to see what you make!
Natalia and the Shapeways team
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