Shapeways Goes British!

We’ll be spending a fair bit of time in Great Britain this week. Traveling from the London College of Fashion to Maker Faire in Newcastle, and having several user meetups along our way. 
Check out our schedule below, come over to say hi and meet fellow community members!

London – April 25 

We land on Thursday, April 25. Our first stop is the London College of Fashion, where Shapeways sponsors the ‘Layer by Layer’ exhibition on 3D printing. The College wants to show the diversity of our materials and printed a large series of shoe lasts. Bart will also be giving a lecture to a group of 50 students.

That evening we’re planning to have drinks with you guys (we still need a good spot – some help would be great!). There’s space for about 20 people, so be sure to RSVP quickly on our Meetup page for this event.

Newcastle – April 27-28 

In the weekend of April 27 and 28 Bart and Kevin (from our unbeatable Customer Service team) are at Europe’s largest Maker Faire in Newcastle. And we’re not alone! Four well-known British community designers are traveling up to Newcastle to help us out: On Saturday, you’ll find Peter Chapman of Tofty and Andrew Walker of UniquePlastique on our booth. Steven Gray of MyGadgetLife and Richard Gain of microcubology will be joining us on Sunday.

And did I mention we’ll have balloon car races at our booth? Without doubt, Maker Faire Newcastle is THE most brilliant maker event in Europe. Come and visit it if you have a chance!

And what’s Newcastle without some drinks? Let’s meet up on Saturday evening and spend some 3D printing quality time. Again, we’re still looking for a good spot. If you know the area well, please leave your suggestion onthe meetup’s page.

Start your own meetup!

Are London and Newcastle just too far away and can’t you join us? Then why not start your own meetup? It’s easy, head over to the Shapeways Community Meetup page and search for your location. If there’s no meetup for your town yet, just add one so other people can join you and help you with organizing the event.

Also send an email to and tell us where you are! We’ll hook you up to other people in your area and give you the low down on hosting a meetup, no experience necessary, just a willingness to meet likeminded people.

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