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Cyber Monday : Gift Picks from the 3D Printer

Cyber Monday is upon us with Free Worldwide Shipping, after our Black Friday promotion our 3D printers are already running hot to keep up with the orders and have them shipped out in time for the holidays.

Take a look out our 3D Printer’s Gift Picks to see if anything tickles your fancy like the Honeycomb Borromean Surface below, or you can always design your own with one of the Easy Creators that make it simple to customize a design with no 3D skills.

3D Printer Picks Shapeways

3D Printed Math Gift on Shapeways

And while you are looking at the picks from the 3D Printer, why not listen to the muzak we pipe into the machines, to keep them humming along, day and night, 3D printing your designs. Subscribe via Spotify and hit shuffle for the best listening experience.

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