Desktop Chocolate 3D Printer Ready to Take Orders

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Almost in time for Easter when for some reason a rabbit hides chocolate eggs comes the Choc Creator by Choc Edge.

For just under $4000 you can extrude a delicious gooey chocolate within a build envelope of 175(X) x 175(Y) x 70(Z) mm.

Their launch is following the strategy of the Raspberry Pi

As part of the business launch event, the first ten Choc Creator 3D chocolate printing machine will be offered as part of a trial and demonstration programme through a user participation auction process. Ten Choc Creators will be auctioned via eBay with the first machine starting from Easter Monday, 9 April 2012. Link to the auction page will be added to this page once the auction begins.

Of course once you have a syringe that can extrude chocolate it would not be too hard to add other ingredients to 3D print yourself just about anything. What edibles would you 3D print?


  1. Tom Permutt

    I read it as about $4000, not $1000.

    1. Duann

      Ah, right you are, I just saw the deposit….. Youch

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