For this week’s Friday Finds we want to introduce community curation. Our homepage is where we highlight models we love, now we’re opening it up for you to show us your favorites! As of next week, our homepage is going to be YOUR space. So we want to see your finds! See below for instructions.

To kick us off, here’s my “White Theme.”

First off, this incredible flexible woven cup from VertigoPolka.

vertigo polka cups 3d printed

Next up, the Claw, a useful syringe-like grabber from Naxem

3d printed claw grabber

Speaking of useful, these calculus surfaces help visualize mathematics at Swinburne University in Australia 

3d printed calculus surfaces

And lastly from Vangelis and Dinos a light-clip accessory for your phone so you can signal for…BATMAN! 

Now its your turn to CURATE OUR HOMEPAGE!

Here’s some guidelines:

Pick 8-12 models and favorite them. You must have at least 8 as that is how many slots are on the homepage!

You can select one of your own models of course, but try to stick to just one

Optional but encouraged: Pick a theme – whether it be trains or a special occasion, a theme helps to bring a sense of style to the page.

Email  with your list of selections – please include the URL links to the product pages and to YOUR shop as well, so we can highlight you!

We will select the best curations to feature on the homepage. 

Can’t wait to see your entries!