We have an amazing opportunity for artists, designers and coders using Shapeways 3D printing in NYC.  In the coming months we reveal a major project we are working on that will give you an opportunity to work in an incredibly inspiring environment where you will have access to the latest software and 3D printers, expose your work to the public including the option to sell your designs on site or through Shapeways online sales.

As we get closer to the launch we will reveal more details in full but for now we just wanted to gauge your interest and start to collect the names of people who are interested in being involved.  So if you or any of your friends, colleagues, family, fellow students, teachers, anyone is interested, please let us know in the comments and we will begin to reach out.  There are many openings and the project will run from October 2013 through to July 2014 so we may be able to work to fit your schedule.

Are you in? Fill out this form to register your interest.