Universe Becoming

One of the great wonders about reality is forever.  We, humans, tend to just hear or think of that word and form a thought in our minds that represents the word.  But if we go beyond our initial thought and start to contemplate forever we start to become extremely perplexed.  Like for example, is there such a thing as nothingness?  Is nothingness possible?  If so, then how does the area of nothingness touch the tangible somethingness?  Where does the somethingness end and the nothingness begin?  Do you see what I'm saying there?  It appears that nothingness is impossible because it cannot come into contact with anything tangible.  But wait!  If that is true then that means the universe was always here since one cannot get something from nothing.  Which brings us to forever.  The universe was most likely here forever.  Well, if that's so, then WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON IN THE UNIVERSE FOREVER?  And what's going to happen in the future of forever?

Does forever even exist?  Is there time?  Yes, James!  You say.  Of course, there is time.  Yes, but what I'd like to point out is, is there time relative to forever?  Does the universe move or go anywhere?  I say no, because where in the infinity would the infinity move to?  There can only be one infinite.  Right?  You can't have an infinity here and one over there and so on.  There can only be one infinity.

So again, I ask, is there time relative to the universe or is there simply now?  An infinite now.  Perplexing.  :)

Yes!  I love thinking about and talking about the universe!  HAHA!  :D  I am James William Kincaid III and Universe Becoming LTD is one of my avenues that I use to express my art.  I love doing sculptural art.  I also like science stuff and innovation too so you can find science in my art here and there.  And video games too!  I'm a gamer and have been playing video games since the invention of Pong. :p  Notice the Valve Corporation art pieces in that regaurd sold under the Valve / Shapeways partnership. 


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