Ferlin Pomfrett

I am a long time gamer frustrated by the lack of miniatures available for the more obscure genres, a lack i am trying to rectify. I'm just starting out but enjoying the creative process of 3d modelling. If you find any issues with my models such as not...
There will be 4 main sets that i am creating, plus some individual items as i find myself inspired.
1: The Lorelei Saga -  Inspired by japanese animation specifically the Space Battleship Yamato/ Captain Harlock worlds created by the genius Reiji Matsumoto. An embattled earth defending itself against alien races superior in technology and numbers but lacking the spirit and honour that makes the people of Earth so strong. The vaguely world war 2 styled battleships etc are part of that, as well as the soon to be posted Golendri fleet and mechanized Empire ships (also of course the Lorelei, but that is just for me).

2: Terrans Triumphant -  inspired by Dan Dare, Flash Gordon and buck Rogers. A solar system at war, with the Zarthaan rocket fleet attacking from the moons of Saturn, The Venerian saucers menacing space and The Ma'adis war armada from the planet of red dust, amassing for battle. Into This maelstrom of conflict comes the Terran Federation forces, armed with the best rocket ships that Earth can produce and the steely eyed clean limbed men and women of Earth and the Moon.

3: Pax Brittanica -  Insprired by Victorian Science Fiction / steampunk and my love of battleships. When H.G. Wells and Nikola Tesla met, Wells used his influence to persuade people in authority that Tesla was the future..This was good and bad since the technological advances Tesla gave England  created envy in the hearts of Russia and France  leading eventually to an alternate world war 1 that went on from 1914 to 1926. A war that saw the Anglo-German Confederacy in bitter conflict with the Neo Bolsheviks of Russia, France and Spain, Aerial battleships fight in the skies of Europe firing powerful Tesla beam weapons in life and death conflict, while super dreadnaught tanks crush their enemies on land  and  immensly powerful ironclads fight to rule the oceans. (tanks etc come later when i finish designing them)

4: New Frontiers / Space rogues-  working titles of a series of models designed to give the feel of later sci-fi pulp fiction. In a world where the iron hand of corporate domination crushes the soulsof humanity and the stars are populated with aliens both hostile and powerful a few brave men and women of indomitable spirit try to live free among the stars


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