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Voytek Medical and Shapeways have been working together since 2015 in 3D printing products that lock patient cables to corresponding medical equipment. Voytek’s owner Steven Jaworski was self-taught both in CAD design and 3D printing from the desktop, but as volume grew for his products, he approached Shapeways to develop more durable, high-performance parts and to keep up with growing demand from hospitals.

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  • How Voytek’s 3D printed products increase confidence for clinicians regarding medical equipment they depend on during each shift.
  • Why industrial 3D printing with Shapeways was central to the successful launch of Voytek and their medical equipment products.
  • The ongoing relationship between Voytek and Shapeways, working together in every stage of production–from concept to prototype, and end-user products too.
  • How 3D printing offered significant benefits over traditional manufacturing like injection molding in this case.

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Voytek Case Study 2022

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