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The industrial designers at Flamingo Works were asked to create a new learning system for surgeons taking on robot-assisted surgeries.

Looking toward a novel approach that makes learning complex tasks engaging and fun, the Flamingo Works co-founders gamified the entire process. The surgeons may not earn points as they master each task, but they do win the confidence of knowing they are ready for new skills in the operating room.

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  • Why gamified learning has been so effective in education for robot-assisted surgeries.
  • What type of tasks the surgeons are learning with the new training system.
  • How certain materials and 3D printing technology were particularly suited for these systems, due to the versatility and durability required for repeated use of the products.
  • Why the ability to create fast, economical 3D printed prototypes was so critical to the product development process.

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Flamingo Works Case Study

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