Whole object is non-manifold, 20.3MB stl file

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  1. isnoop
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    It would appear that my model is suffering from multiple problems. I am proficient in Illustrator and Sketchup, but Blender is a bit overwhelming my first time in.

    First, the main logo consists of just under 300K vertices, most of which are completely pointless. Is there some tool I can use which will automatically eliminate vectors which do not create an angled face?

    Second, I followed the tutorial to resolve the non-manifold error, but my entire model (all 300,312 edges) are selected. Perhaps there is a tiny hole somewhere in my shape, but I can't find it. Is there a script or easy means to locate that?


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  2. isnoop
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    Okay, despite being pretty sure I'd removed duplicates once before, did it again and reduced the model down from 300K edges to 19.5K edges. A significant improvement, to be sure. I suppose now it is not as essential to reduce the number of worthless polys in the main logo, but it would be nice.

    The non-manifold bits left over are a gnarly bit of nearly hidden shapes that I could just as easily do without.
  3. crsdfr
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    Here's your main problem. Red indicates flipped normals.


    I've attatched the fixed file for you, but I still think it'll need some work. A lot of your conversion artifacts are quite small and will probably flag the shapeways systems for minimum feature size.

    I recommend exploding your model into shells, deleting all the unnecessary junk, and then boolean everything back together.

    Also, converted your model to mm.

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