Who keeps copyright/patent rights?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thegreyman1, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Just wondering before I upload a design for printing. Once it is printed, or even just uploaded who keeps the right to it? Is it buried in Shapeways smallprint that they own the rights to it? Or does it, more likely, belong to whoever has the patent to it.

    Right now I am working on a very simple part for paintball markers. I havent patented or copyrighted anything and I just want to know, when I upload it will Shapeways automatically obtain the rights to do with it as they wish ie print and sell them, apply for patents etc. Its not very likely that my item would be worth much but just wondering.

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    It's all in here
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    Hi Guys,

    Yes I've read the FAQ and the other link. And thanks but with all due respect it still doesn't make things any clearer for me. I'm not very good at interpreting legal terms and what its says in both places about IP rights, ownership, distribution and other areas still seems very ambiguous to me. In one area it seems to say that shapeways has the right to display, sell, distribute and modify and items you upload but in the FAQ it seems to say that i would still keep IP and all other rights to the object.

    I'm going to have to go and get someone to read the terms and conditions before I go any further.
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    Basically, it's yours. If you make it public to view, it's public. And we have the right to show it. If you set it to downloadable, your giving the right for people to download and use it as they see fit. By uploading you agree to this, but if you keep your item private and not for sale, we aren't exercising those rights.

    Also read the content policy about weapons. Not sure what a paintball marker is but if it's a weapon, resembles a weapon, or is an accessory for a weapon, it's not allowed. Which does include paintball guns.

    "Content that resembles weapons or weapon accessories (exceptions are made for miniatures, maximum size 10cm)."