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    I’m looking for someone who could help me out by designing a set of custom helms for Warhammer models similar in design to this:
    upload_2019-6-23_23-2-24.jpeg upload_2019-6-23_23-2-41.jpeg

    If you’d be interested in a commission like this please let me know; I’m not looking for an exact duplicate of these photos but something very similar. I need approximately 20 helms and while I’d take a set of identical helms in packs of 10 or 20 (in a perfect world) I would prefer each helmet to be ever so slightly different from the next (slightly different eye sockets or battle damage, etc.).
    For reference: These will be mounted onto some Stormcast Liberators so if you need a sample for scale, fitting, or socket sizes I can provide one. I’ve already scoured the market looking for comparable helms and found some I want to use for other models but haven’t found anything I liked for my liberators or judicators yet (and have photos of what I’d like for the judicators after these have been handled).
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    Screenshot from 2019-12-27 14-59-07.png still needed ?
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    Screenshot from 2019-12-27 16-06-31.png
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    Screenshot from 2019-12-27 17-00-10.png
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    Hello, helmets are my specialty. I've uploaded a Frazetta inspired horned helmet scaled to fit a 1:6 scale action figure. Let me know if you're interested in full cosplay scale or looking for something a little smaller. We can discuss price and go over design details. Thanks!!

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  8. Jackstreicher01: I’m intrigued by your helmet. My own need is for a great helm no more than 11.5mm wide.

    Can you tell me the dimensions of the helm itself?

    I see the Ghoul Heads product is a count of 16 for the small print. Would a similar run of the singular design cost about the same?