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  1. fuemf5
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    Hi everyone,

    I made a model in Sketchup and exported it as Collada (.dae) file. When uploaded to shapeways, the model is displayed rotated in the overview.

    I already read some comments about this in this forum, but I am not sure, if it is just a problem in the preview, or if the model would also be printed in that wrong direction.

    My model is basically a 2D image that I have redrawn in SketchUp with Bezier curves and then extruded.
    When looked at the model in Sketchup from the top, you see the outlines. When looked from it at front you only see the small site (actually only some millimeters high).

    After uploading it to shapeways, I see the model top down standing with the thin side on a plane.
    I am afraid that when I try to print the model like that, it will not be very robust. I would prefer it would be printed lying on the floor.

    So must I rotate my model by -90 degrees around the X-Axis, before exporting it from SketchUp, or is it not necessary?

    The dimensions that Shapeways displays for my model are:

    Height 0.2 cm
    Width 2.8 cm
    Depth 3.2 cm
    Volume 0.75 cm³

    This looks OK, for me, however the preview wonders me.
    Of course, the preview would not be very descriptive, if you would just see the front view. But I don't care much for the preview. Important is the printed result :)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. TomZ
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    You can't choose print orientation. The way you upload the model or the way it is displayed does not represent the way it will be printed. The printer operators will chose for themselves what orientation to print it in.
  3. fuemf5
    fuemf5 New Member
    Thanks for the info.
    So, nothing to worry about orientation.

    I can play around to get the preview look nice, but it is rather optional.
  4. jmrben
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    Not related to shapeways, but I have had problems with 0,0,0 postion with sketchup

    Basically what I have found is that even if you have moved the axis, when sketchup exports out it, it does it with the original starting 0,0,0 postion.

    If you arnt sure whether you have moved the axis or not, right click on the Axis (can be quite tricky getting the exact postion) and you then get the option to 'reset axis'

    Perhaps this could be the problem here? I got round it by moving the model not the axis.

    Hope this helps