Site bug!!!! - disappearing models - FIXED

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by numarul7, May 21, 2014.

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  1. numarul7
    numarul7 Well-Known Member
    My models from the shop disappeared!!!!

    What on **** happened ?!

    I thinks Shapeways it is mad at me :( and hates me!



    Thank you for ruining my day!
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  2. EBard
    EBard New Member
    I also am seeing this in my store. I'd say at least half of my items have disappeared in the last hour. I'm hoping this is just a temporary glitch?

  3. numarul7
    numarul7 Well-Known Member
    Check private models links if works ? I found one that worked ... o_O It is funky database error I think!
  4. KokodaTrailModels
    KokodaTrailModels Well-Known Member
    I thought it was just my stuff (345 items). When I finished being sick in the bathroom I came and checked this forum. Let's hope all our files are still there somewhere.
  5. numarul7
    numarul7 Well-Known Member
    Holly molly! 345 ... o_O
  6. KokodaTrailModels
    KokodaTrailModels Well-Known Member
    I know, right. A little bit frustrating. All of those were customer requests.
  7. andrew_speth
    andrew_speth New Member
    All but one of mine are gone, and two of the old ones that i deleted suddenly appeared lol. And this is right after I started advertising them lol...great timing least I know it was a site issue and not something i did.
  8. numarul7
    numarul7 Well-Known Member
    Model are there ... the frontend it is bugged ... programmers prepare for a little salary cut *grin
  9. GInSpace76
    GInSpace76 Member
    Several of my models have disappeared as well. This is very frustrating. Has Shapeways made any announcements about this issue?
  10. GInSpace76
    GInSpace76 Member
    I've been strongly considering the purchase of a 3D printer. I'm even more inclined to make a purchase now.
  11. moorbo
    moorbo New Member
    I have the same issue. /all/ of my models are missing. However the ones that are currently queued within my shopping cart, are still there, and accessible.
  12. KokodaTrailModels
    KokodaTrailModels Well-Known Member
    If you do a google search for your model (worded exactly as the title in Shapeways) it still appears. You can go in, make changes and so on. But it isn't on your site.
  13. SavIsSavvy
    SavIsSavvy New Member
    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for reporting this. I've forwarded this to our dev team to figure out what's going on and get everything back to normal.

    Stay tuned...

    And for the record, we are not mad at anyone ;)
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  14. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    As Savannah mentioned, the team will be looking into this quickly.

    When reporting site bugs, please identify which Operating System and Browser you are using so that the dev team can determine if it's only one browser versus a site-wide bug.

    As for my own shop, I can not see any models on the MyModels page that were uploaded after March 16th, 2014. HOWEVER - the models are still available if I go thru direct links to the Model Pages, and they are still listed on the MarkupCSV file. That leads me to believe that nothing has actually been "lost", but rather that they are simply not displaying at the moment.
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  15. HOLDEN8702
    HOLDEN8702 Well-Known Member
    All the work from at least three months is dissapeared too....


    I've notice that the link to "visit shop" that till yesterday is near the avatar is gone too.

    If you click on name or on avatar, you go directly to the shop, but when stated "VISIT SHOP" was more clear to new customers. In my opinion.
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    MANDELWERK Well-Known Member
    Same problem here, the missing models are also gone from the shop!

    And I just noticed that some models which I still can see "backstage" is missing from the shop!

    Firefox 29.0.1

    Mac OS X 10.6.8
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  17. HOLDEN8702
    HOLDEN8702 Well-Known Member
    A big yellow banner of "SORRY, WE ARE HAVING ISSUES WITH DESIGNERS CATALOG" or something else should be fine...
  18. Bobbiethejean
    Bobbiethejean Well-Known Member
    My models disappeared as well. Firefox, Windows 7 64bit.
  19. MayCrown
    MayCrown New Member
    It looks as if shapeways' server crashed and somebody has used back up and as in Windows recovery system it moved to a different time in the Server's history. All but 1 of my models have gone and a past model that I have deleted has been resurrected. This means it went to the past.
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  20. HOLDEN8702
    HOLDEN8702 Well-Known Member
    Wow, Shapeways have made a "time machine"!
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