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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Richard210363, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Richard210363
    Richard210363 Member
    Is anyone else getting problems with the site sign in only working sometimes.

    Seems to have started 2 days ago.
  2. SemperVaporo
    SemperVaporo Well-Known Member
    I'm using Winders 10, MS Edge (in InPrivate mode) and have not had a problem (except when I type my password too fast and foul it up!) What browser are you using?
  3. Richard210363
    Richard210363 Member
    Windows 10, Chrome in non private mode..
    It's not a forgetting password problem as I fill in with Lastpass or, while trying to find out what's going on, Copy/Paste from Lastpass.
  4. SemperVaporo
    SemperVaporo Well-Known Member
    What symptom is showing? You say it doesn't work sometimes, what happens. Does it just seem to hang or does it display some error message? You should have access to both Internet Explorer and Edge if you are using Windows 10, you might try one of them to see if it is a Chrome problem.
  5. Richard210363
    Richard210363 Member
    I was arriving at a sign in page with a pop-up dialog:

    Entering my credentials, then being transferred to a different log-in page that had the log-in embedded on the page.
    Tried a few more times and then being told I couldn't be verified.
    I did notice that something was trying to display by a seeing a flickering on the page but it didn't show and I can't tell what it was by reading the page data.

    Closing Chrome and retrying after 10 minutes worked after a few restarts.

    Edge worked first time

    Surprisingly, I just went onto Shapeways after a couple of days and I'm still logged in.
  6. SemperVaporo
    SemperVaporo Well-Known Member
    Normally (at least for most web sites), your log-in status is stored on your computer (not the web site server) in a "cookie" (a file that web sites are allowed to store on your computer and can put ANYTHING in). It may contain text that is readable, or it might just be binary data (single bits that represent whether some feature is enabled or disabled) and thus only if you know where to look and can see individual bits can you make sense of the file. It might store what language you want to use, font size, which "Home page" you want to see first, etc., including a single bit indicating your log-in status, or possibly multiple bits/bytes/characters/words and may be encrypted to preclude someone manipulating the cookie file to fake a log-in.

    The web site will first query to see if a cookie is there, if it is not then you are not logged in. If there is one and it indicates that you were logged in when you last terminated a session with the site, then it may work as if you are logged in, or it may do something to ask for additional info.

    Any activity on your computer that deletes cookies will cause your next session to not find the cookie and you will have to log-in again. There are various programs that will delete cookies, some anti-malware will do it at boot up, others only on request by the user. There are other programs that are used to "clean up" a disk ("CCleaner" is one) and in the process will delete any cookies that you do not specifically tell the program to leave alone.

    Also, if you were running your browser in a "InPrivate" type mode ("Incognito" is another name for it), then when you terminate the browser, the cookies and all other files associated with the time spent on a site gets deleted from your computer, so the next time you go to a site, no cookie will be found and you are not logged in.

    I understand some browsers will also delete cookies automatically, even when not specifically in a "Private" mode, but I have no experience (that I know of) with any that do. I assume it may be a setting in the browser that you can turn On or Off, or has a list of things to include/exclude from automatic deletion.
  7. Richard210363
    Richard210363 Member
    It seems to have been a back end database problem associated with my login. Other parts of my profile whice were misbehaving e.g. deleting a mesh, are now functioning again.
    Incedently, login cookies tend to have a time to live stamp that is compared against current time and you are logged in or out accordingly. That the time-out is now working suggests that this was part of the same back end problem.