Shapeways: We Have Money To Give You

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  1. reducedAircraftFactory
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    Dear Shapeways:

    You are missing out on increased customer sales. You only need to:
    1. Fully assess the price of producing prints in the HP nylon materials and price them -- with a conventional company-markup percentage -- proportionately to your cost of producing them: material, machine space, and handling. (I suspect the current pricing was more of a shot in the dark.)
    2. Open up the HP materials so that end-customers can purchase prints.
    For some models the added strength and resilience give these materials advantages over WSF and FUD and other materials. I have been holding off ordering test prints awaiting these decisions and events, and I bet that you have potential customers that are also sitting on their orders. You've been successfully producing maker-only prints in these materials for 6-10 months now. What trigger are you waiting for to make the materials generally available?

    If you're worried about cannibalizing sales of your other materials, remember the old maxim: if you don't do it, a competitor will do it for you.
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  2. Carlos2k10
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    I have to add my voice to my colleague up here.

    This material has a lot of potential, including its use in the new generation of full color printers from HP.
    However the current pricing structure is a no go. I refrained from doing more test prints that I had in the pipeline.
    And it was going to be my material of choice (despite the grey color) for new models but with the current price
    all this went away.
  3. Frozenrain
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    I think shapeways are waiting for the stabilization of the material or manufacturer to release it to the public.They can shutdown the material before it causes too much trouble.