Shapeways for science :)

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  1. Sabine_A
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    Hi all,
    I'm quite new, though I already ordered some 3D-prints. I need those prints als moulds for my PhD project. I work on bio-inspired adhesion. Doesn't sound that fancy yet, right? So actually I should say that I spend four years (I live in The Netherlands, and in here, a PhD lasts 4 years)of my life trying to develop superior tape by trying to do the same trick as geckos use to climb walls.

    Unfortunately, I'm really not good with computers. Yesterday I had to ask a guy what fps meant :blush: ... So designing the mould was quite a challenge. I actually only needed half a torus, and found out that in FreeCAD there's this button 'create torus'. I was very proud of myself, but then I found out I couldn't upload and print the FreeCAD-design. So I contacted someone (SB3B) from this forum to help me out, and I'm very happy he did!

    If everything is ok, I'll receive my prints within two weeks, and then I'll try to see if they are suitable for my purpose. And perhaps I'll try to get some designers to help me with the next mould I might need (it's a mould for an helix)....


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    Hi Sabine, welcome!

    That sounds like such a cool project. Please keep us in the loop.