Rubber Blaster iPhone 5 Case

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  1. Maundy
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    Rubber Blaster iPhone 5 Case

    Life can get a bit boring at times, however what do we carry with us more than anything: Our Phone

    Here is an iPhone case for when shooting Angry Birds just isn't real enough, using a new and innovative mechanism, this iPhone case cleverly conceals a system for shooting elastic bands for those times that you want to take your anger out on a target, or even better, a workmate. This mechanism is cleverly designed to fold into the case and only add a small 2.25mm extra depth to the iPhone 5 when not in use, however this is completely disproportionate to the amount of fun it will give you! (A LOT!)
    Check out this YouTube Video for a computer generated video of the case in action!

    I will hopefully make versions with some surface patterns on the case.

    What do you think? Would anyone want to buy one?

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    I've added a poll for those who want to remain anonymous at the top of the first post.
    Thanks in advance.
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