Render And Print Problems

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    Anybody ever have a problem where your wheels and/or tires render and the perimeter isn't round but has flats on it? These files are in 64th or "S" scale so they're big enough that the flats are noticeable and a problem. If you have had these problems, how did you remedy them? What steps did it take?
    Thank you for the help.
  2. The top image is the render, and the bottom image is the geometry as it will print (IF these are two separate models, see below). In order for a detail to print, it needs to be part of the geometry and not simply a texture map over lower resolution geometry. I don't know what software you use, but there may or may not be some way to convert the object as rendered to actual polygons. When making things to print, it helps to turn off smoothing in the program render so that you can see each polygon, rather than a smoothed surface.

    If you want to remove flats on a round surface, you need to up the polycount/subdivide the model.