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Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by gregorykress, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Hi everyone, we have just finished concluded testing of the new code on our servers and are currently ready to begin deploying. Because it's end of the work day here and we don't want to risk any bugs overnight, we are going to flip the switch that will actually turn on the prices tomorrow morning at 9:30am EST. Thanks for your patience.

    I saw other comments/questions in this thread, but have been too busy to reply today. After we push these changes live and the team has ensured that everything is running smoothly with the changeover, I'll take a closer look.
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  2. Snowwolflair
    Snowwolflair Member
    Will it reprice the new models released since October? It surely has to to maintain consistency.
  3. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Correct. All models released since October 22 repricing kicked in should remain the same.

    The code ending grandfathered pricing for all materials except Fine Detailed Plastic has been activated. Please let us know if you're encountering bugs by emailing
  4. Snowwolflair
    Snowwolflair Member

    This is a self contradictory statement. It cannot be correct and then state the contrary.

    I'm only interested in FUD.
    The FUD algorithm is being revised as it has a fault.
    This algorithm (un-revised) has been used since October 22.
    What will the "revised" algorithm, when you finally release it, do to prices created since October 22.
  5. Snowwolflair
    Snowwolflair Member
    I think you read replace when I said reprice.:)
  6. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Ah, good catch. My misunderstanding. My "correct" was in response to your "It surely has to to maintain consistency." but I did misread your post so it's a moot point either way.

    Once we have completed the algorithm update, all FUD models (including those after October 22nd) will be repriced. For most models, there will not be much of a change if anything at all, but for those impacted by the algorithm change, they will see a difference.
  7. Snowwolflair
    Snowwolflair Member
    Will this result in a refund for orders placed if there is a significant price drop?
  8. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    No. This is not an error in the sense you are inquiring about. This is us tweaking our formula to improve it moving forwards.

    Shapeways reserves the right to adjust it's formula and will always look to best serve the needs of our customers, our partners and our business by adjusting them from time to time. When that happens it will only impact future sales, not past sales.
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  9. Snowwolflair
    Snowwolflair Member
    OK that fine, your the first Shapeways source to give a clear answer on this, thanks.
  10. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    Thanks for verifying the change in FUD pricing will affect all minis. We appreciate that, as will (I hope) our customers.

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  11. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
  12. A quick query - since the changes, I have a couple of identical test models that I have used to benchmark the pricing changes since the announcement. Recently, I have noticed that two identical, non-grandfathered models have been showing different prices so I uploaded the file again to check and it has given another price. Have all models now been updated to the new pricing structure?
  13. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Non-FUD models have been. If you're seeing something odd taking place, can you please send it to to have the team analyze what's going on?
  14. OT3D
    OT3D Member
    I noticed last night that about half of the prices showing on the store page for the default material were the old prices. The prices on the individual product pages were the new updated prices. It seemed like the product pages had to be viewed or edited to make the new prices stick on the store page.
  15. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    That sounds like an old cache that has not been properly updated. Thanks for letting us know about it - we'll get it fixed.
  16. crashtestdummy
    crashtestdummy Well-Known Member
    There was another repricing in December, I canceled a project Dec. 6 due to excessive cost, the pricing having pushed the unit price into the negative. The price hike seems to have rolled back to Nov. 22 levels. as of today.