Recent CAD graduate, looking to expand my portfolio!

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  1. alitahl
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    Hello! I recently graduated with a bachelors in CAD/CAM Engineering Technologies and am looking to test my skills, and see if I can help. For now I am offering my services for free, since I'm not too sure on the whole 3D printing (I have some experience). Please feel free to contact me to see if we can work together, thank you for your time!
  2. Sweet1985
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    Hi there,

    I'm looking to make some jewelry and charms. For instance, the skull on the necklace that I attached. I'm looking to do a similar with my logo in the back. If I draw it out, will you able to make a 3-d models?


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  3. alitahl
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    PM Sent
  4. whovian
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    Hey Robbie,

    Thanks for the work on the cufflinks. I appreciate your prompt responses and your willingness to make minor adjustments as we reviewed the files. Just ordered a test set to see what the physical item will look like, and we can go from there. Thanks again!
  5. ellekruger
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    I am looking for someone to do a 3D model of a simple earring photograph that I have ready. I saw your post and I think this could be a good fit. It's a really simple job, but I will give you excellent feedback if you can complete this.

    I own a large spray tanning manufacturing company (, but this is an unrelated side project. That said, we are always developing new products, and we could use a great modeler on our team. Please let me know if you are interested.

    Elle Kruger
    EnvyTan, Inc.

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  6. ellekruger
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    I wanted to make a few additional notes to my last email. The size of the gauge should be 16, not 18. Also, it needs to be just a hair shorter than it is, because of the complaints that it is just slightly longer than it should be, so in the cartilage part of your ear, it is poking them.

    This earring needs to be designed so that it can be worn on both the left ear and also on the right ear. In the image that I sent to you, the earring works perfectly for the left ear, however, when it is placed in the right ear, it is upside down. I hope this makes sense.
  7. eastofwest
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    Would you be interested in a 3D printed challenge coin for a military member? It would be Marine Corps related.

    Military challenge coins are what we use to reward or thank others. The problem is they usually cost 2-3 hundred dollars to print, so making custom ones for small units/jobs like mine are not financially feasible. Can you send me a PM if you are interested?
  8. jayjay
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    Timing is an issue and I am not really in to the designing of materials. (I'm the seller) I want a set of chess pieces designed for printing and would like to have them designed for replication. I am new to the 3D printing situation also. If I could get a basic set to repeat it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  9. ShishiRanger
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    I just PMed you a request for an articulated figure plus accessories that I need :).