Question about detail features & Materials

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    Greetings all,
    I've done several projects here for other people, but am wanting to do some prototyping of new models before I go into full production and do all the work to do future Injection Molded parts.
    My models are fairly planar, 0.020" to 0.040" thick, with various raised details ~0.015" dia and ~0.005" high steps. This sounds like it would comply with FUD, but I am wondering if I can get away with only FD, or even WSF to save cost. Also I would like to have at least pilot holes for locating where to drill holes of 0.015"dia. Some of these pilot holes are directly adjacent to 0.015" dia 0.005" high raised details. Would the materials other than FUD be able to at least locate these?
    I have already looked through the links to the various materials sections, but they still are a little vague with these sorts of details. For example;
    If the materials specs say 0.1mm, ~0.004" for a detail. Is that pixel size, or complete feature size? Are the step/pixel size smaller than that, or if I make a 0.1mm layer will the next feature to print have to be at least a full 0.1mm higher? If 0.005" step, then second step on top of first, will it have trouble printing the steps that don't land on exactly 0.1mm increments?
    Can FD/WD material make layers less than 0.2mm (0.008") thick? Would the 0.005" steps that I have not be printable with a material other than FUD?

    Thanks for answering some questions.