Polyjet printing

Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by Arcathorn, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Wow.......I just got off another 3D print site...who's name I will keep to myself. Who are offering a huge variety of printed parts in full color using a polyjet printer they just got. Not only is this thing badass its also capable of printing in get this.........MULTI Materials!

    Downside? Its god awful expensive. To do a material change they wanted to charge a couple hundred........and each part was over 30 bucks for just a small one.......................But wow........I was blown away by it.
  2. Porsche makes something that looks kinda like a Volkswagen Beetle, but it goes faster. It costs waaaaaay more than the Beetle, despite being very similar in dimension, look, and weight, and using many of the same materials of manufacture.

    What, exactly, was your point?
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    No point. Just commenting on a tech that till then I didn't know existed. Being able to get a plastic print in full color and mixing materials is pretty cool. No need to be degrading