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    This is a test for a custom PEZ head. It was modeled in Sculptris [amazing {free} program] and a little Maya. The hardest part was reverse engineering the connection to the original base. It needs to be tweaked a mm here and there.


    The color version came out great.

    Download the pez_start.obj and make your own! There is an arrow in the file that needs to be 14mm long. The "mushroom" top is to get you started with hollowing out the head.


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  2. Nane
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    Great idea, never thought about making a Pez head! Very classic and fun. Feeling the urge to find and buy a Pez and do some measuring...
  3. LincolnK
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    Awesome idea. I am kind of disappointed in myself for not thinking of this. I have a ton of pez.

    Early pez was done in a way that had each color made out of it's own piece of plastic. You could make the hair out of a separate piece that snaps (or glues) on to the head, and dye them separately. Then attach them.

    I love how so many people on this forum keep inspiring me!
  4. ao2design
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    Build your own Pez head.

    File in the first message.
  5. LincolnK
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    How cool of you to share the starter pez for us to make our own!

    Thanks, I will be playing around with this. :)