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    Got my panorama set together and installed in the faculty show here at Skidmore College. I gave them all a couple coats of acrylic medium. I think next time I'll try an oil-based sealant, with less gloss. But they look pretty good. I've enclosed a copy of the panoramic image these were based upon. There is a fourth model, more opened-up, just didn't get it printed in time.

    I'm showing these along side some circular panoramic prints, and a videogame-map-scape that allows you to check out all 29 panoramas I've shot here in a nearby forest. Here's the online version of the game (requires Unity plugin).
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    Nice. I would be interested in hearing about your workflow - what programs and file formats used. Several people - me included - are having no luck with colour prints due to manifold issues after scaling down by 1000%.....