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    Hi guys

    Not sure if this is the right place but I have a little problem. When exporting from 3DS Max as an OBJ and uploading to Shapeways I have the model front on but when it is uploaded the display is lying down, upside down or showing the wrong side. This is important as a lot of my work has detail I would like to showcase. The same problem goes for the 3d viewer the model is all out.

    I probably missed something, am hoping I don't need to delete all my models and upload again :eek:


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    You can update the files keeping all the info you typed or the markups you set, no full delete needed. But yes, you will have to rotate them in the program (or maybe the save dialog has some controls) so they match the standard used for previews.

    It's an old request, if you are wondering, being able to rotate after upload, as different softwares use different standards and there is always the "duh! I worked in the wrong view" case.
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    Thank you that worked. It was becoming frustrating but the update option worked a treat, just had to make sure I checked the viewport before exporting. :cool:

    Kind regards

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    Disclaimer: I have not used shape ways too much yet, so I am not sure of the specifics, so it is possible I am completely off.

    This is actually a point of confusion common to people when they first move from one package to another.

    3Ds Max uses what is called a Z up world. That is to say that Z is up and down. Other packages use a Y up system, so that the Y axis represents up and down. This can cause problems when moving models between packages because the model doesn't know which way is up; they only know their x, y and z coordinates. This can commonly result in the object.

    What I would suggest, in this instance, is that shape ways model viewer uses a Y up system. After a quick google, I have confirmed that Max has a 'Flip YZ-axis option.' Have a play with that, and see what results you get when importing your models.

    EDIT: I've just uploaded a test model, and it seems that shape ways uses a Y down (positive Y value is down) system.
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