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    could we get a way to select multiple items and then delete them and/or organize them? kind of like the way on gmail i can select multiple messages and then move them to a folder or the trash?

    i feel like a broken record but...
    this experience isn't the same for a seller and for a buyer. why are you lumping it all together? there needs to be an interface for the sellers that allows us to easily find and organize our files. a seller might have many different files associated with a single "design". a buyer only needs to see one listing. for each design i have one co-creator listing that is offered for sale and at least 7 different sizes that are not for sale, that i only order to myself. am i expected to use the co-creator for every order i send to myself? that's a little silly, since i can't upload a file and assign it a co-creator value in advance.
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    yes, i posted something similar

    I will have many models of different "classes", and after uploading it would be great to select the members of one class and then make a section from them, or manipulate them in other ways.

    Edit: Another "group" manipulation would be to turn on multiple models from private to public at once instead of model by model.
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