New Art Exhibition Features 3D printed Future Artifacts

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    "Future Artifacts" Considers Imagined Future Society
    Exhibition features artifacts made from modern tools, inspired by ancestry


    Kickstarter Campaign

    WHAT: Opening reception for "Future Artifacts | Weston Thomson"
    WHEN: Friday, November 2nd, 6-9pm
    WHO: Solo exhibition for artist Weston Thomson
    WHERE: The Kent Bellows Studio & Center for Visual Arts, 3303 Leavenworth St., Omaha, NE
    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Exhibition continues through Friday, November 30th. Additional hours for the exhibition are 11am-4pm and Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-4pm, by appointment, 402.505.7161.


    Omaha, Nebr. - This solo exhibition, the first for Weston Thomson, features a collection of objects and images resulting from the ethnographic study of an imagined future society. The opening reception for "Future Artifacts" will be held on Friday, November 2nd, 6-9pm.

    Inspired by ancient artifacts and armed with state-of-the-art technology, the artist is creating pieces that will feel purposeful and precious – if only in their tangibility – to our civilization. "The use of modern tools to create work inspired by our ancestry produces a compelling friction between two points in time," said artist Weston Thomson.

    Many of the artifacts on display were created with 3D printers at and laser cutters, and range in material from wood to steel and sandstone. Also included in the show are a series of painted illustrations that attempt to depict the process of imagining the fictional society from which the artifacts emerged.

    The exhibition continues through Friday, November 30th, 2012, Tuesday-Saturday, 11pm-4pm by appointment. Email or call 402.505.7161 for an appointment.
    This exhibition was made possible through a kickstarter campaign.
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    Congratulations on your Kickstarter and solo show!
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    Thanks kevinweinewyork! I appreciate that -